Sound Visualiazations: Phase 1

The song I chose are Red Velvet – Dumb Dumb (Staccato) and BigBang – If You (Legato).

For the project 2, it took me about 3 hours to finish it. I was listening two types of music to create these designs. In the legato, I used more curvy lines to represent the calm and soft sound. The repetition of flowers would show represent the transition from calm mood  to helpless and agitated feeling. I also use the curvy lines to draw the “IFYOU”, that represent the climax of this song show main part of the agitated feeling. Staccato is sound with crazy and quick rhythm. “Dumb Dumb” is main words of this song, would represent heart beats and the rhythm show the short& straight lines.

Legato :

Staccato :

2 thoughts on “Sound Visualiazations: Phase 1”

  1. While looking at both of your sketches I was also listening to the music you have chosen. With the legato, I feel as though I’m resting in flowery meadow which is mainly what you’ve shown in your sketches. Around the middle of the song there’s a build up of intensity that while being bold it still had a gentle effect. With the staccato, I get an upbeat feeling but at the same it’s pretty chill. In the bottom where the middle row I felt like I was looking at a warped illusion while listening to the last seconds of the song. The sketch that is to the left of that one I felt showed the tempo of the clapping I hear in the song.

  2. Bottom row, middle column of staccato: this one really stands out not only for its heavy shapes and shading, but also because it feels like I’m looking up at some complex structure at an angle, which is further facilitated by those ‘boxes’ you used to invert positive and negative space, which also look like they’re dropping down to the point of view. The use of depth and perspective in that design is what really makes it so effective, in my opinion. I could see many of these patterns being used in textiles because they can be consistently repeated by design.

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