Project #2: Including Senses

The place I have chosen to write about is the nearest Macy to City Tech. It takes about 15 mins to get there by walk from City Tech. I chose this clothing store to be my location is because Macy is one of the most famous and popular cloth shopping stores, I would like to let more people know there is a Macy near by our college so they can go shopping there when they have a break before the next course began. I personally don’t like to go to shopping, it wastes too much energy, and later will be hard for me to gain those losing energy back again. But unfortunately I still have to go there for some reasons. For instance, when I made a character design for my manga I have to consider what she/he to wear. Fashion is different for every year and seasons, so I have to go to Macy to explore for their new outfit. From my observation of Macy, I realize this Macy is the largest store in this area. There is a McDonald juxtaposition to it, compared to Macy, it is too small, but McDonald has a bigger Logo brand so people could see their logo and then notice the existence of the McDonald easier than Macy. I had explored inside this Macy for once only, the information I have for now is not enough to write a complete essay yet. I decide to go there again in the near days. I believe the next time I will gather more information to write about.

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