City Limits Summary

The book “The Colossus of New York” written by Colson Whitehead talks about how different people have different views on New York. He also goes on saying how the New York he used to know is no longer there. As time goes on he says that everything will eventually change and the New York people will be used to will be gone. He even gives the best example of this where when he passes Park Avenue and sees the Met life building towering over Grand Central station he will always see it as the Pan am building it used to be. He also explains how textbooks in school and even TV documentaries about New York are lies, because you didn’t witness it. That doesn’t mean that the facts they’re telling you are false but that those facts are not a part of the New York you grew up in. He also talks more about the different perspectives of the people that live in New York. For example at one point in time you used to go to a certain store because it was convenient for you but as years go by the store may close down and a new one may take its place the new people that go to that store may never know of what came before it.

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