Visualizations: Phase 1

For this part of the project, it took me about 1 hour to finish it. I create these designs with listening two types of music which are Legato and Staccato. Legato is those musics with beautiful, calm, and soft sounds. They can represent by the  rough, smooth, and thin lines. Staccato is sound with crazy rhythm, more beats than Legato. This kind of sound can represent by the sharp and thick lines.








2 thoughts on “Visualizations: Phase 1”

  1. I really like the contrasts between the legato and staccato design. Your design is very detailed, however be careful when you are inking. Your bubble from legato design has an shading where inking might be tricky. Make sure to ask the professor before if you can shade it, because the design examples from the class did not have one. It be great if the snow flake from the staccato design are little bigger so that you can use the ink pen. Above all, its a great design that I wish that I have done for my design!
    Ps, don’t forget to add the writing part for this post!

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