Project #2: Including Senses

My chosen location is located at the corner of Prince Street and Myrtle Avenue, about 10 minutes walking distance from City Tech. In this particular corner, you’ll notice a couple of very tall corporate buildings, and also a very large neighborhood of housing complexes. You can also see a lot of construction sites surrounding this area. Because of these sites, there’s a strong smell of sawdust, mixing concrete, and burning in the air. It isn’t too pleasant of a scent. It also comes with very loud and ear piercing noises like jack hammers beating at the concrete, heavy machinery being operated, and lots of men yelling back and forth between each other. Looking at this location, you can see a distinct juxtaposition of the housing complexes and the corporate buildings. This is why I chose it. When I look at this location, I see half of it as a very higher class area, with lots of people in business suits and expensive stores. The other half however, seems more of a lower class area, with mostly very old looking apartments. The area is not very well kept either. Its interesting because these two areas are literally right next to each other, with no more than a line to cross between the two, giving it a very contrasting juxtaposition.



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