Project #2: Including senses

The route I chose to walk from city tech was joyful for me. Before I started the walk, I didn’t know what I would meet and experience. I didn’t carefully look at the map. So everything on the route were new for me. And I was really looking forward to it. But when I went across the Tillary street and looked all the way down along the Jay street. I felt like that was nothing special. I could see those surroundings anywhere in Brooklyn. And that made me a little disappointed. But after I kept walking for a while, I realized that there is Brooklyn, that is how it looks like. This route I chose is a part of Brooklyn. And many of those parts made up Brooklyn. Every day I am on the same route from home to school. It keeps repeating and I almost forget the name of the place I live. But when I carefully looked at the buildings, the parks, and the people on the route I chose, I felt like that they were reminding me that there is Brooklyn, the place you are living in. Then I walked on the Sand street. And it surprised me. The buildings were different  from the Jay street’s. The buildings looked more Modernized. And I felt like I saw a new face of Brooklyn. The US Post Office, the Surrogates Court, and the Kings Country Supreme Court are Majesty. And they were also telling me that Brooklyn is a part of US.


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