Project #2: Location

U.S Post Office
U.S Post Office 

For this project, the location I choose is U.S. Post Office which is just one block away from City Tech. I didn’t notice there is one, until I took my sixteen minus of work. To get to the U.S. Post Office with my path, first you need to walk left after get out of Namm hall, at the first block on your right hand side across the street, you can see a park, people are playing hand ball in there. As you keep walking, at the same block on your left hand side, there is another building of City Tech. In front of that building cross the street, there is a church which is right next to the park. Keep walking about 5 minus, you can see the third building of City Tech. On the right hand side, you can see a little garden where you can take a break. Keep walking straight to the next block until reach to the road turn right and look up, you can see a bridge that connects two building, which is for people to walk from building to building. Walking straight to the next block, you can see a parking lot and also, you can see the Brooklyn bridge is not far away from here. Now turn right because that’s the only way to move forward which is also walking back to Namm Hall. This is Adams Street, as you can see on this block its all apartments, until you reach to the end of the block, you can see a restaurant called. Celeste Cafe & Grill. Now look diagonally across the street. There we go, The U.S. Post Office.


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