Project #2 Location

In order to get to this location, you first have to exit the City Tech Namm Building through the main entrance on Jay Street. You then take a right on Jay Sreet towards NYU. In between NYU and the building next to it there is food court you can cut through to reach Myrtle Avenue. Cutting through this food court you will notice so many different smells like burgers, chicken, fresh baked pastries, and coffee just to name a few. You can also see a large and diverse group of civilians always enjoying their meal in the shade of the many trees in the court. Once you reach Myrtle Avenue, you continue on this same street straight until reaching the corner of Prince Street and Myrtle. You know you have gotten there when you see a large community center in front of many run down housing complexes. Around this area is a very musty and dank smell, from nearby construction. You will also notice a very obvious and sudden border between these housing complexes, and the luxurious looking corporate buildings and businesses. They are literally right next to each other, and it perplexed me to see such a perfect example of juxtaposition within the city.



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