City Limits Summary

In “The Colossus Of New York” by Colson Whitehead, “City limits” is the first chapter in which he talks about his life and memories living in New York City. In the very first paragraph he talks about how one might have ended up living in New York. Then he goes on talking about the landmarks in New York and how you might have encountered them on your stroll in New York. Then he starts talking about his life and his experiences such as the first time he looked out of a subway window as the train came out of a tunnel on its way to 125th Street. He also says that’s not every one New York is the same because of the different neighborhoods we all live in. Because of this we all see different part of New York which we call home. New York is always expanding thus making New York a place you can explore and explore. New York is always changing even if you notice it or not. He talk about for some people when something changes and goes away visually that doesn’t mean it is actually gone. It is there still in the memories of that person. So basically Whitehead wrote about how he sees New York, and what he experienced as he walked on the streets of New York.

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