Urban Artifacts Phase #4



At the beginning of this project I was unsure of what to expect. I thought to myself why would we be picking up objects from the streets? what can we possibly do with this stuff? I ended up learning a lot of stuff. The meaning of ambiguous and stable. I already had an idea of negative and positive space but i leaned more in depth the importance of both. I also learned that I was really bad at creating ambiguous drawings. What I could have done better was creating my sketches with a lot more thought than just placing them on a paper. and tracing them. In my next project I want to do everything with a meaning and a lot more of my own touch to it. With the critiques I never really applied them to my work because I thought thought it would be too late to make them such as making the boarder darker or even going back to my sketches and making them less symmetrical.

20150917_1705141 inked photos 2 inked photos 20150909_130046~2 20150909_121825~2 20150909_121831~2 20150909_130052~2

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  1. Although you say your sketches are the result of simply putting your objects down on the page, the ones you ultimately chose as your best were still intriguing to look at, and give insight as to what you can do naturally, without planning, which I think is a good indicator of future work, especially since you’re intending to create with a meaning in mind for new projects. Also, even if you weren’t able to apply the critiques to the project at hand, you can keep them in consideration for any future work that you do, if applicable.

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