Urban Artifacts: Phase 4

Overall, the “Urban Artifacts” project was a very creative and interesting experience overall. It was certainly different than anything i’ve ever done before, and it was a productive learning process as well. However, If i could’ve done something different, I would’ve spent more time on the drafting and sketching, as I could’ve probably came up with a more creative and interesting final product. I do feel that my ideas were clearly expressed in my product, but not in the best way possible. I also would’ve liked to experiment more with the objects collected, as the ones I chose finally were a little more challenging to work with, in terms of expressing emotion through the final piece. However, I can still say I now have a full understanding of the terms we learned through the process. I know the difference between ambiguous and stable, what they mean and represent, and how things like economy and unity can alter and reinforce the ideas and meanings behind pieces that use these kinds of elements. I took into thought the feedback i got from my peers, and I believe I could use more practice in using these elements in my work, as I need to reinforce what my work is trying to express, and what ideas I integrate into them. Below is my final work.


2 thoughts on “Urban Artifacts: Phase 4”

  1. Totally agree with working on the sketches. I should have also took time on drawing. I really like how we experimented on the artifacts that we found, but if I were to do something different, I would pick a different artifacts. If you could to change artifacts from what you have, what artifacts will you change?

    1. I would probably get rid of all the ones I had, and replace them with smaller ones. I feel as if my artifacts were too bulky to make something positively creative with

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