Urban Artifacts: Phase 3

The first one which was the stable piece took about an hour to an hour and a half. The second one which is the ambiguous took around three to four hours. All together it took about four to five hours to complete.


For this project, instead of inking in our ambiguous and stable drawings, we had to re-create using black paper and making cut outs of the objects. This project relates to the previous phase by having the same designs we made but using a different method to create it. Instead of inking the drawings like the last phase, we used black drawing paper, cut the shapes, and arranged it how it was supposed to be.

1 thought on “Urban Artifacts: Phase 3”

  1. its very obvious to figure out which one is ambiguous and stable, they both feels like cleaning tools. The stable figure are well organized cleaning tools, and the ambiguous figure are so messy .

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