English Project #1 introduction: final

Marcus is my name and art is my purpose in life. Since young it was merely impossible to contain my joy for art and that applies to all fields. Childhood days were spent creating folders upon folders filled with drawings, paintings, sketches, outlines, other days were spent teaching myself Photoshop and convincing my mom to pay monthly so I can have a website. No matter what, I have a great appreciation for all things in life no matter how minor or grand; I treasure every single second and every single last thing this life has to offer from eyesight to friends to family to forests to mountains I hold it all dearly to my heart. My aesthetic reaches beyond the comprehension of many because I love putting myself in other people’s shoes. After studying photography in the High School of Art and Design, that’s what I aimed to do, Put myself in the shoes of numerous people, that was obtainable through visual communications. Learning how, what and why placement, color, shape, line, medium, dimension etc. Is going to affect another person is what i strive to learn through comd1111 because that’ll overall help my understanding with people and can build my art to be more audience friendly. Comd1111 English is also a significant part to my growing experience because learning to communicate away from artistic terms and more in an analog way will help communicate when visuals are not present.

My avatar for this site is an image of me sitting on the edge of a waterfront. Because of editing, the photo appears to be silhouette and it doesn’t seem like water but more like grassy land which i love. Me, in comparison to the buildings in the back, look huge which conceptually i like the idea of me taking over the world. This avatar represents me because i am always Misunderstood and a hard person to figure out. Being alone and contemplating life can be my tranquility and here is what i see, peacefulness. Also the fact that i set high goals to conquer everything that comes toward my way can be represented through my large scale versus the landscape’s small scale. Others may think I just like to be alone or am very dark because the image overall is dark and shadowy.

I love to learn and get inspired, it gives me a feeling of productivity. Aside from that i enjoy bike riding, photo-shoots, running, desserts, shopping, traveling and most of all bringing out the best in others whether its through laughter or motivating them to go further, i love to assist people.

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Certified photographer, Beauty retoucher, graphic designer, and artist

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