Urban Artifacts Phase #3


The reason I chose the ambiguous drawing I did was because I thought it would be easy. It ended up being the opposite. it was very difficult to make each figure the background made be the exact size it had to be or it just wouldn’t have looked  like the original drawing. The stable one that I chose was fairly simple and I started off with that first because I would give me practice with using the exacto knife. I enjoyed making this project because it really tested my steady hand and patience. this project took me about 2 and half hours.

1 thought on “Urban Artifacts Phase #3”

  1. Your design really intrigues me. The amount of ground and figure is so different between two design that really stands each others out. I can also see that the one on the left is more bold and have a lot of energy comparing to the other one, almost as if two are Ying and Yang. That is maintaining balance.

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