Urban artifacts: Phase 3

Compared  to the last phase, phase 3 was just like phase 2. This is because both at first were complicated to understand but after understanding how and what to do they got simpler. Also this phase was similar to the last one because we had to choose an ambiguous and stable piece of work and transfer it to a Bristol board.


The piece to the left took approx 2-3 hours to finish and the piece to the right took about 5-6 hours.

3 thoughts on “Urban artifacts: Phase 3”

  1. As side from making heavier borderlines, when taking a photo use the flash to get rid of your shadow. Other than that your stable piece has great amount of negative space towards one side which makes your positive space present on the other side.I love the energy that I get from your ambiguous piece. The use of geometric shapes gives off an edgy feeling with the sharp angles. Also the balance of negative and positive space is successful in your ambiguous piece.

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