ENG 1101 Project #1 Process

English 1101 Project #1 Process

In this project I know what I wanted to include by reading the instructions. I knew from there as our goal of this project is to introduce ourselves and also interpreted our OPENLAB avatar. I realized there were a few things I had to eliminate such as some personal private information. Enthusiastic to promote our own is not wrong, but it would be much better if we could be more temperate. I didn’t take much care of the composition because of everything already said in the instruction. It told us we need 4 paragraphs and what should we wrote about in each paragraph. I had let my classmate Efy to check my draft and I got a few good suggestions from her properly. She told me to add in some details of how people would misinterpret my avatar and how. As I read my classmate’s project and giving feedback I also got inspirations for my own project as well. We are always improving by absorbing others ideas. I spend 10 mins for both brainstorming and outlining, the time had increasing to two hours when I did drafting and revising, and for the last step polishing I spend only 20 mins. It took me a long time to finish up this project, but I also learned a lot as well when I wrote it. This project helps to introduce myself to others and also gave me a chance to recognizing more about what I was thinking about myself.

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