ENG 1101 Project #1 Process

As I was writing my essay I knew what I wanted to include in it because I wanted to put in all the things I thought where important about me that others should know. These things would show how I am in and out of class and how I might translate that to when I am working. When it came time to refining the essay I knew I had to include a better description of my avatar because in my draft I did not describe it as well as I should have. Also I have to rearrange some elements to areas where they are actually relevant to that paragraph. I also had to take out a couple of things. I figured out what to take out of my essay by thinking about what is important and relevant to the essay and what is not relevant. My classmate’s feedback contributed heavily on my work process because I listened to what he had to say and I tried to fix the problems that he saw because I also saw those same problems. I actually spent quite a lot of time brainstorming I had to think of all the things that are important about me but then I had to choose the most important parts about 15 minutes. So i had to choose what to leave in and what to take out, which took about 10 minutes. Not to forget writing up the essay itself which took about 30 minutes. Now I will have to add my revisions to my final product. So overall this project will have taken about an hour.

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