I have some good news and updates!

Hello guys!

I apologize that I couldn’t catch up with you today, again!

Today, I wanted to give out a handout I made that basically discusses the topics peer mentors cover. I will be giving this handout on Monday, so that it is a reminder of some questions you might want to ask.

Thank you for those who have given me or emailed me their City Tech email. There are only a few of you who still have not provided me with your CT email. I will have your copy of the contact sheet on Monday so that you can write it down for me.

GOOD NEWS! Potluck Tuesday is around the corner! As I may have mentioned before, The National Society of Leadership and Success is hosting a Potluck starting September 29th at 11 am in the 5th floor Lounge. There will be free food provided for ALL City Tech students. First come, first serve! SGA is sponsoring the first NSLS Potluck. I will have more information on that Monday.

As new college students, you will need help creating a good resume, practicing for professional interviews and even getting an internship for later on during your college career. Luckily, we have an amazing Professional development office at City Tech. It is located in the Welcome Center, past the front desks. There, they will help you create your resume, prepare for job interviews, and get you started on your experience as a professional student. This is an amazing source that we should all look into in our first years at college.

There are many fun events and activities at City Tech, which is a great way for you to get involved. Join a club, or even create your own at Student Life and Development in G516. As I always tell my students, it is fairly important that you get involved at your college.

More updates and reminders will be announced Monday morning. Again, you can always reach me during my office hours in room N 506. Follow us on Instagram @citytechlearningcommunities.  Please make sure that you are up to date with your Openlab posts and assignments. I’ll see you all soon.


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