Urban Artifacts Phase #1

As we were searching for objects, I thought to myself, I did not want to pick up the usual cigarette filters or cups and bottles. I was searching for the unusual, hard to spot, weird looking objects. The first object ended up being the usual, plastic. It is geometric because it is circular even though it has a split on the side. The color is black and it was found on tillary street near a gate. The edges look as if it were torn off something, I can’t figure out exactly what though.

The second object surprised the eye in a funny way. It was a chicken bone, or so i hope it is one. It was funny because in my head I just imagine someone eating a chicken leg and just randomly throwing it out their window. This was also found on tillary street steps away from the first object. The shape is organic because it has curves, cracks, and dents. The color is more of a pale brown and black.

On gold street there was a gasoline station and I decided to walk around a car. The ground had alot of dirt and contruction dust with rocks of different colors, but yet i managed to find the next object. It was a rusty washer that was blending in well with the dirt. It has spots of brown and black on it, it is also a geometric shape because its circular.

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