Project 1: Draft

My name is Brandy and I’m a freshman here at Citytech. I graduated from Celia Cruz High School of music and while attending there I use to play percussion. I’m a pretty shy person at first but eventually I open up the more I get familiar with new people. When I do open up I’m a funny, bubbly, weird person who is pretty open minded to new ideas. My passions lie in learning, creating, anime and imagination. I love learning not only new artistic techniques but just more about the world in general. There’s still so much I don’t know and finding the answer to those unraveling questions is really satisfying. With creating, being able to bring out imagination to real life whether it’s from mine or someone else’s vision is fascinating because a lot of interesting ideas dwells within people. I love anime because through this medium of animation the stories are just marvelous. In anime I find there’s more being put into the characters development, plotline and conflicts. Anime really engages me to want to know what will happen next and to make me feel what my favorite characters are feeling. With imagination I love wandering into my own world taking a break from reality at times. Being able to come up with ideas that seem pretty unreal and having a feel for that fantasy is something that I can’t get bored from.I’m still discovering my design aesthetic but I would say I really like to put my focus on color. Color to me really brings in mood depending on the color itself or the shade. My favorite color is blue and to me the color blue is bold yet gentle which is why I love it so much. In five to ten years I see myself enjoying whatever career I’m in, still exploring the world and having new experiences.


I would say that my avatar portrays my carefree,adventurous personality. The way the petals carry off into the wind conveys being free to explore the world which is something I always look forward to in life.The petals also represent I’m a go with the flow type of person. The various sceneries depict the beauty I see in the vast world we live in. The different landscapes shows the adventures I wish to have in the future. This image really sets the way I like to imagine by the way the colors come together and make this image feel like a dream.



Some misinterpretations people could get from my avatar is that since there’s a carefree vibe to it I’m the type of person to jump into anything. This is definitely not the case with me, I actually think of multiple scenarios before I come to a conclusion when making decisions. People could interpret that I fail to see what reality really is since I’m too stuck in my own imagination. I’m aware that not everything in life is all sunshine but there’s still beauty to it. Through the way how the image sets a calm feeling people could misinterpret that I never get mad. I still get mad at times I just try my hardest to look on the bright side because staying mad doesn’t do anything beneficial.


My profile conveys that I’m a laid back, adventurous person that is just fascinated by what the world has to offer. Also that I have a very whimsical vision when it comes it imagination. This matters to me because it is part of my being. It shows that I’m approachable and have a lot of different views to what I see. I’m just eager to encounter more things in life and better myself as a person.  

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