Project #1 (Draft)

Ayano Morishima was born in Japan and moved to the United States when she was just a 10 years old. Knowing English from her Saturday school in Japan, that opportunity made a use in her life when she moved. Since English is her second language, she had to take ESL. It took her about 5 years of special class to pass, however she needed to learn English for her future. Graduated from the high school, The Global Learning Collaborative (GLC) in the year of 2015. She had no connection in any of the art department other than the ceramics during her high school year. She is now 19 years old and going to college to learn more about the art and to be able to move one step closer to what she wants to do with her dream.

My passions lie in anime, because that is how I grew up. When I was little, my daily Sunday morning was anime day. I remember that is was a anime for kids, like Sailor Moon, Ojamajo, Doraemon, Pokemon etc. As I grew up, the variety of anime or should I say genre of anime expanded. Because of the expansion, this made me come in mind that what if I can be able to draw like that and create my own anime which eventually be on T.V.? I eventually started drawing anime as I copied off others and eventually was be able to work from there to make my own. I also like anime, because it is almost a fantasy that will never come true in life. Sure, there are shows that turned to live actions. However, it is different, it is because of anime they could create something like this. Many of my friends insist on becoming an manga artist, however I declined. There are two reasons, first I cannot draw the same character and second living as a manga artist can become a hardship in economy wise. First problem can be solved, if I keep working on my drawing skills, however I cannot go through life without selling manga and get money off of it. I usually be more aesthetic about my art work, because I get frustrated when final drawing looks horrible than the one I imaged in my head. Also, when head is too big for the body, etc.

Usually I draw most of the time with a single pencil, but I hope I learn how to use various range of pencils. So that I could expand my drawing skills. Recently I am fascinated with digital drawing on a tablet. I find this interesting because there were techniques that I was able to do digitally and not by hand. You can check my drawing at (Do not read the profile, it contains the wrong information):


The avatar that I chose was a character from the BGM that I recently found on YouTube. After listening to it, I fell in love with it and started to go to its official website and encountered with the avatar. Before knowing it, the character itself matches my personality and the features. As I looked closely, his sharp eyes and angry eyebrows shows a powerful and smart mental, however his one hand is covered over his chest, this action makes the connection that I also too have a weak side and doesn’t always acts strong. We both have a same length of hair, however the difference of the avatar is that I don’t have a white hair and my gender is a girl.

My avatar could be misleading to someone that I am mean or cold to people, because of the facial expression. Also, the characters that are written in the paper might mislead people that it is in Chinese characters rather than Japanese. Many people say that they are the same, however they are not. In history that these characters came from China. However, when it came across to Japan those characters changed a little to a simple character which people could understand more.

My profile conveys that I am hard worker, and a amazing person who has a passion about anime. My imagination can go beyond the world, and always have a creative story that I can just make a book about it. This matters to me, because this is who I am and always will be. Probably after 10 or 20 years, my interest in anime and being creative will never change. If I changed, it will most likely that I will be a boring person who only think about reality. Its good to have a time to be in your own world.

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