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Brandy Ortiz


  • Majestic
  • Colorful
  • fantasy
  • calm


  • She is out going
  • She is calm
  • She likes to fantasias
  • She likes things that stand out of the ordinary

This avatar caught my eye because it seems like a lot is going on in it. It speaks to me and says, I am a free person. The way the girl is letting go of, to what looks like glitter or gold, feels like to me that it represents she is outgoing and adventurous. Since it also looks like the girl is on a cliff way high in the clouds it makes me feel like Brandy might be a bit of a day dreamer and enjoys fantasy stuff, which we have in common. The background is very easing to the eye because it looks like a beautiful sunset, which makes me also think Brandy is a calm girl that enjoys her alone time even if it is watching the sun set.

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