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  • Sillouette of a man
  • An ipod
  • The color green
  • Looks as if the man is in a dance position


My initial interpretation of Phoenix’s avatar is that he loves music in general. I am familiar with this being an old Apple I-pod advertisement and there is an I-pod in the image therefore concluding music plays a significant role in this person’s life. Im also guessing this person’s favorite color is green just for the simple fact that these ads come in a variety of colors and dance positions but to specifically pick green i think that there’s some relevance. In all, it’s a very symbolic photo.


After reading Phoenix’s bio, I can justify that I was correct on the part that music plays a big role in this person’s life. Phoenix is very much into hip-hop and rap which is where the ipod comes in. It symbolically stands for his interest in the music culture. Phoenix says he sometimes draw rappers and can even have full out conversations soley on that topic. Being a person who’s into design, i can also view how this graphic relates to him. Yes its a simple silouette but there is a very effective strategy to it. For example, the contrast between the figure and the background and the contrast between the figure and the ipod. In addition, colors play a humongous role on emotions and psycology of others so i feel as if this clearly represents who phoenix is as a person and i love the icon that was chosen. Simple yet very much straight to the point.



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