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Ruky's avatar

Avatar: Ruky’s


  • A tranquil facial expression
  • The mouth is being covered
  • a halo
  • one angelic wing and one evil looking wing
  • sort of a light pink background
  • Hair color is red


  • He has more than one side to him
  • Walks around with a calm expression
  • He’s probably shy
  • He likes anime
  • He’s probably passionate

Ruky’s avatar caught my interest because of the evil wing that is mixed in with the soothing vibe that I get from the rest of the picture. Without the evil wing I would think he’s just a shy, nice, calm person. Now add the evil wing in and it sparks an idea of there’s more to his character than from what I’ve just mentioned. That wing kind of gives off a mysterious feeling to his character. The hair color being red also adds on to his personality. Red is a color that is usually associated with passion so he probably has passion within him. Usually shy people are just seen to be shy and nothing else but over here there is more.

When I read Ruky’s biography he didn’t really go into detail of the kind of personality he has. The one interpretation I can get from his bio is that he’s passion is most likely linked to his interests. By the things he’s interested in he seems like a pretty cool guy.



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