Urban Artifacts: Phase 1 Discover

My Discovery

While we were outside looking for urban artifacts I came across a few interesting items they consist of a bottle cap, a small plastic bag, a package wrapper and a Lowes key ring. These objects aren’t exactly the most interesting things to look at they are all geometric shapes except for the bottle cap which has more of a natural shape. Even the colors of the objects aren’t exactly the best most of them are a dull green or blue while the plastic bag is transparent.  So instead I have theorized that the objects have all came from a bus driver on his lunch break who wanted an excuse not to go to Lowes on his way home. I thought of this immediately when I saw the print on the plastic bag saying bus company.


Each one  approximately 7 minutes each/ an hour overall.



1 thought on “Urban Artifacts: Phase 1 Discover”

  1. You did a great job on them all. Just some ambiguous ones need to be fixed. Remember that ambiguous figure grounds usually have equal amounts of positive and negative energy.

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