1.to officially make (someone) a minister, priest, rabbi, etc.

2.to officially establish or order (something)

Source: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/ordained

I’ve come across this word in the reading excerpt “The Tool”. This word can be found in the sentence “It is as if there were a natural law which ordained that to achieve this end…”. The use of ordain in this case is to order. As the sentence continues ” to refine the curve of a piece of furniture, or a ship’s keel, or the fuselage of an airplane, until gradually it partakes of the elementary purity of the curve of ‘a human breast or shoulder…”, I see that there are elements that are necessary to make an object function to achieve its purpose based from understanding what ordained meant. For example, the fuselage is needed to  make the airplane function properly in order to make the plane fly. The fuselage is part of the natural law towards the airplane’s ability to achieve its purpose which is flight.

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