Urban Artifacts: Phase 1

My Discovery

My three urban artifacts that discovered seems to have nothing in common. Unless you put it in a category, “In a use for everyday life”. The three artifacts were a Kit Kat wrapper, Bobby Pin and a piece of plastic. Each artifact has a little bit of history of why it’s been left the place that I found. The Kit Kat wrapper was found near the gas station, it seems like someone ate the chocolate bar and just left the wrapper outside on purpose. Without thinking of throwing it in the garbage can. Or someone in the car, ate the chocolate bar and throw the wrapper out its window. Wrapper itself was not damaged, just wrinkles and the hint of smell stained the inside. Color is red and the Kit Kat logo stands out. Texture is smooth and no stains. The Bobby Pin was found near the City Tech College. It is a bit rusted, like it was being there when it rained. One side of the pin was broken; making the pin sharp and dangerous. Texture is smooth, there is some wavy part of the pin, which it supposes to grip into its hair. Color is black, I have never seen a colored one. The last artifact that I found was this weird shaped plastic. I found it also near the gas station, and it might be some sort of piece it fell off from the car. The color is light green, and the texture is a little bit rough. Since it is plastic and there is one pointed part, it can be dangerous if it pokes people.


Took approximately 5~10min drawing each


Stable Sketches

Sketch #3&4

Stable Sketches
Stable Sketches


Sketch #1&2

Sketch #3&4

Sketch #5&6
Ambiguous Sketches

3 thoughts on “Urban Artifacts: Phase 1”

  1. I like how you really put in multiples of your artifacts in both your ambiguous and stable sketches. In photo 1 and 2 of your ambiguous sketches you didn’t fill in some of the tracings of the plastic artifact which gives of an cool effect when surrounded by black.

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