Discovery: Avatar

Person Avatar: Jingyi

What I Observe:

  • Calico Cat
  • Humor
  • Anime
  • Pushing its face on a Glass


  • Comical action
  • Who does stupid things
  • Making trouble
  • This is a fictional character


The avatar that I picked was an animated Calico Cat who behaves in a humorous way. By pushing its face on a glass surface, it makes the viewer chuckle to the cat’s reaction I believe that this cat makes these faces, because he/she is a trouble maker. By making this type of expression, it makes the viewer catch its attention to this adorable, humorous and trouble making cat. Another way to interpret this avatar is how this Calico Cat can make a smile on everyone’s face. Whenever someone is sad or angry, this image of a cat can bring a laughter to cheer and make everyone happy. In addition, the cat looking through the glass can be a hit, that it is curious what is behind it.

Connection to the member:

The avatar does represent Jingyi, because when we introduced ourselves to the class, her humorous personality brought the class into laughter. Making our heavy nervous tension into more comfortable atmosphere. Also, she can be curious about knowledge that she haven’t encountered yet, just like the cat looking through the glass

Jingyi's Profile Picture
Jingyi’s Profile Picture

1 thought on “Discovery: Avatar”

  1. Is this cat a character you know or have seen before? How important is it for you to be able to identify the character in the avatar rather than seeing it for the first time? How does that influence how you view it? Can you identify the artistic style of the illustration, and if so, does that observation influence your interpretation? It’s difficult to do this assignment properly when you already know the person whose avatar you’re examining. How did knowing the member influence what you wrote or thought?

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