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BRIC Art Museum Reflection

The field trip to the BRIC Art museum was very interesting and fun! There were a lot of different varieties of art pieces there. Everything was so unique and stood out on its own. One of the interesting things I saw was the chains hanging from the ceiling. It happened to catch my eye a lot. It could probably resemble someone being trapped inside. Another piece that caught my attention was a wall that had many different strings/threads. From afar it looked like it was a bunch of hair on the wall, but it really tricked my eye. As I got closer I realized it was various types of strings and such. The television studio was one of the very interesting parts for me as well because I have an interest in video production so it was great to see the behind the scenes of the production in an actual studio. Then of course there was Professor Spevack’s indoor outhouse. It looked amazing to see how it was built and put together. Also going inside and drawing what I heard in the dark was very interesting. The wall of strings/threadsThe Chains

Describing My Location

photo 2 (4) The Location of my Walk is 15 minutes away from City Tech. I began my walk by proceeding left through the crowds. For about 5 minutes through the journey I began to have more space on the sidewalk and I noticed that things seem to be quite less busy. I knew that I was going somewhere different. Soon I came across a park inhabited by lots of chirping birds and a lot of visual greenery. It was more tuned to nature the area i was in, but there was more to the area as I continue to walk down and see that its not all about business and more about stores. There was lots of cafes and food places. I seen a lot of construction like in the photograph above. I thought that this was a perfect example of my goal that i was trying to achieve by observing the everlasting change of New York city. I smelled a lot of Hot dog stands and heard a lot of cars honking and people arguing. I would really like to see this place in the night due to this area being a mixture of busy and relaxed, I wanna see how this certain area in particular fits into the saying of New York being the city that never sleeps.

Field Trip Reflection

It was an amazing experience  going to both The Center For Book Arts, and The Rubin Museum because I honestly never been to both these locations. When we went to The Center For Book Arts, the Zines were so out there. It had everything about violence, politics, women, and so on. My favorite one that I read was, “The Talking Lamb”, and it was very dirty, but interesting at the same time . A man talking to a lamb and arguing about very uncomfortable things to even write on this post. I also enjoyed the different stories of individuals that were hanged up on the wall. Some were weird, sad, fun and outstanding stories, but their story is what made them who they are today. After going around, we finally saw the process of printmaking machines. I always wanted to try printmaking, but never got the chance to. The guy that talked about it was very friendly, he showed us a poster and how you can tell that it was freshly printed but the old style.  Anyway, going to the Rubin Museum wasn’t as bad, and I really enjoyed that museum. Francesco Clemente, a Italian man, but his heart in India. His paintings was a one word description, phenomenal. It described the cultures that India has, but also the differences within. In my opinion and what I saw in his paintings, India has a lot to do with symbols, and Earth. In some way the Sun means something, as well as the moon. Hunger strikes people in India, and starvation occurs everyday. The sculptors that represented the Sun was my favorite because in india is always hot, and people need to somehow get water from the river or a stream they could find. Finally, after visualizing and comprehending, i enjoyed his work. It was interesting and fun to read about each painting. At the end, it was time to go, but I enjoyed the Field trip and can’t wait for more to come! :)

The Talking Lamb, Sushi Yes

The Talking Lamb, Sushi Yes

Individual Stories

Individual Stories

Francesco Clemente, The Sun

Francesco Clemente, The Sun

Field Trip:The Center For Book Arts and The Rubin Museum.

The Center For Book Arts image: Prison Walls Bleed Flowers Rachel Galindo

On September 22, 2014 the whole class went on a field trip  to The Center For Book Arts and The Rubin Museum. Being in The Center For Book Arts, I learned many things about the history of printing. A lot has changed from printing back than and today we don’t use the same objects. However, its still good that we haven’t forgotten its history. It will always be remember that it was so simple like today and that we should be thankful to technology. While, exploring and getting more information about the Center For Book Art I came across one image that stood out to me. The image is a work piece from Rachel Galindo, her drawing was unique and question what the image was about. At first I didn’t know what it meant or had an clue. However, I guessed that perhaps the artist was referring that a human being can be affected by natural. If mother earth is not taken care of later on the future natural will affect us that we can no longer escape.

Hunger, (1980)

In the second field trip to the Rubin Museum we explored the wonders of many art work. However, the piece that stood out the most was an art work called the Hunger. I decided to sketch it because I believe it had a meaning behind it. It’s an image of a man eating or biting a snake meanwhile at the same time the snake is eating its self.I believe the image should how the nation is suffering from hunger. People are hunger and the nation  its self is suffering, I believe the image with the snake represents a cycle that no matter how much food it gets it will remain hunger. In both the field trips I enjoyed many art work however those two stood out the most to me.

Project #1: Reflections

My first project on ENG1101 is an introduction of myself. This is a detailed introduction, is not just some simple thing about me. I usually introduce my self to other people just simply by telling them my name and my age. Even so the project gave me an unforgettable experience. This is my first time of me trying to writing it down to describe my self and use the way of writing to know about my classmates. During project one, I was very confused to choose my avatar. Because the avatar is the first impression my classmates will look at me as. But it does not mater if somebody does not understand my avatar because I will explain my avatar in the fallowing essay. I rarely use the computer so the computer operation is a bit difficult for me. Luckily I have a friend that knows how to use computer, and he is willing to teach me. Overall this is a good experience, I learned quilt a lot knowledge during project#1, learned how to better introduce myself, vocabulary, and learned some computer operating skills. Next, I hope I will have greater progress in writing, vocabulary and computer operating skills.

Field Trip Reflection

The field trip to the Center for Book Arts was very interesting and fun! I learned a lot about printing. From how it began to how it evolved and is what it is today. I found it really interesting how back then people had to get the letters one by one to create something to print. Looking at today’s technology there’s a lot less of a struggle for an issue or to get it done in general. If there was a typo back then you would have to do a lot of work to get that one letter out and replace it. Now it’s just simply an one second task with the keyboard. The zines exhibit was also very interesting. There were a lot of pieces that stuck out to me. One of my favorites was this fake newspaper with interesting headlines. It was called Daily Cardinal. I wouldn’t believe what I’m reading if I actually saw some of those headlines in the newspaper! It also did have articles on the headlines that were on the cover. On the second part of the field trip to the Rubin Museum I found all of the works of art that I saw to be very cool. The ones that I sort of got the meaning behind were very interesting pieces. I chose to sketch the piece called Hunger. It’s a picture of a man eating a snake while at the same time the snake is eating its own body. From what I read in the description of the piece the snakes body seems to be never ending while the man is eating it. Francesco Clemente also symbolizes Eastern and Western traditions in his piece. Both parts of the field trip were very fun and I can’t wait for future trips!

My sketch of the piece I  chose from the Francesco Clemente exhibit

My sketch of the piece I chose from the Francesco Clemente exhibit

The newspaper I saw at the Center for Book Arts

The newspaper I saw at the Center for Book Arts

Reflection on English Project #1

Our first project in English class was to introduce via openlab. I found this very easy because the main goal was to describe ourselves. We also had to comment on others work to critique them and help them improve it through guidelines. I learned that I can be very detailed when it comes to describing anything.

What I acquired during this class is that this project is a big introduction to the other projects, or this is how I feel this project is meant to be. Also to help us get more acquainted with one another. I am proud on how comfortable I felt when it came to describing who I am and how precise and efficient my advice can be when helping others when it came to setting up their bio and and project overall. One of the things i should work on is how to organize my information better because the reader can be lost if i don’t. I have additional support throughout class time because I learn better through verbal communication. Also at times I would have poor management time due to my other homework and I tend to forget to go on my computer from time to time. For my later project I shall be using my phone more often to operate Openlab. Since now I have my first experience in my first project of English I am now really confident in the future works.

Project #1: Reflection

In project #1 I wrote a bio about myself. Mostly about me as a student and what inspires me to do what I do. I talked about my interests and such. By working on this project I learned a lot about what I need to work on in my writing. I also learned that organizing your essay before you write it is very helpful. My bio probably would have ended up as being all over the place if there wasn’t an outline for it. I’m most proud of the details I included even though it could still use a little bit more details. As for any other improvements I really want to improve on my use of vocabulary in my work. What was helpful during this project was the feedback from my peers. It really helped me to get the final piece done. If I didn’t have any feedback my work wouldn’t have improved very much from the draft to the final piece. I wish I had spent some more time on this project. What I spent the most time doing was thinking of what details to include into each paragraph and figuring out if it belonged there or made sense. I definitely need to work on time management though. I’m hoping for future projects I can put more time into them and have a great outcome!

Project #1 Reflectons

My project as a whole was mostly about me and my bio. I wanted to give a lot in that section because we do not all know about each other very well and I really wanted to show who I was. During my time doing this project I learned where in the school is best for me to work, when I do want to work on campus. I was not sure where each lab was and I did not know how quiet or loud it was going to be when I arrived there. Although in the end the best place for me was the library which I only stumbled upon because I went up the stairs the opposite way I usually do. After finishing this project I think the thing that I am most proud of would be that I believe that I have completed all of what is required and I feel confident about it. On the other hand what I believe needs the most work after project one is trying to remeber to write everything in the post instead of on word or google documents, and to fix my grammar mistakes before they happen or before I publish it on to my website. Now, during the process of this project I believe the most heplful was the feact that each requirement was listed and we just chose where each one would go in the essay. Whether we wanted a paragraph for each category, or two catergories in one paragraph it made it easier to accomplish. As of now although I did not have much additional support I am not sure what additional support I might have wanted or needed. Lastly I wrote this project all in one condensed hour an fifteen minutes. My time management has never been the best but I do still feel confident in what I have wrote and as for next time I may start earlier I may not, but in all I beleive this project was a good experience in different ways.

Project #1 Reflection

From working on the first project of the semester, I have learned plenty about my peers and even myself. I am most proud of the fact that I am able to establish a representation of myself. I was able to convey to an audience the kind of person I am through a simple avatar. At times it may have been a bit tedious, however, it was what allowed me to acquire more knowledge about my peers while at the same time sharing about myself. The feedback that I received from some of my classmates guided me in the process leading up to the finished product. In terms of time, the biography was most time consuming. This was the point where I had to introduce myself to my peers as if I was making a first impression. The information I have learned from this project can be used to help me along with the next. Habits such as reading over my own work, as well as having others look over it, is a clever technique in making sure my writing is at it’s best. This can be very valuable to use in the future.