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Summary / Reflection for Reading Lucy:


Jennifer Egan wrote an article called “Reading Lucy”. This is a non-fiction article. The protagonist of this article is Lucy. Egan wrote a novel about a woman who works at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, so she met with Lucy. Therefore Lucy was her respondent, but the get along was short, because of work needs she has to go to California. After that there haven’t had any contact after. Egan attentive to know about Lucy, that from Lucy to her husband’s letter and Lucy’s composition. Lucy was enthusiastic that’s why she married speedy. Her husband left the house due to job job, they wrote letters to each other. Lucy usually wrote letter to her husband Alfred. By the time Lucy wrote to Alfred about her life as a ship fitter, as well as some humor event in her live. She praises her husband to express the love to her husband. Through reading about the letters Lucy wrote to Egan, Egan felt like she’s living with Lucy; they are best friend; Brooklyn’s every corner was full of the flavor of Lucy. Egan misses Lucy a lot, she dreamed him live with Lucy and she also imaged live with Lucy as real best friend.


After read “Reading Lucy” I felt Lucy was an optimistic woman. She really loves her husband with everything. I have always felt that distance that will affect ones feeling, but I do not feel it because I am the one who read the article, I have to be in her situation to know about her feelings. Even though Lucy did not live with her husband but they still keep connect with letter, and distance did not affect their relationships. By the way Lucy got a true friendship with Egan. Egan took time to get to know about Lucy. She care about Lucy, even dream lived with Lucy. So Lucy was an lucky woman she got true love and friendship.


BHS Field Trip Reflection

Our trip to the Brooklyn Historical society are up look deeper into the history of downtown brooklyn. On our way there we examined the shape and contrast of buildings, along with the plant life and significance of both. When we got into the historical society I was amazed at the primary resources and the care and safety put into preserving these documents. When I looked at a map of Brooklyn Heights from 1880 it was shocking to see the very few buildings that were in the area. As time progressed I began seeing more saturated and brighter colors in the maps, as well as more detail out into the monuments and buildings.

As we went downstairs to see the photo gallery IMG_6973Out of all the photos, this one had stuck out the most to me. The simple colors of the leaves paired with the shadow co-exist perfectly.

Completed Color Wheel

Took 3hrs to complete but I really needed to save paint for future work.

Took 3hrs to complete but I really needed to save paint for future work.


My first thought on this was honestly, “I have to use paint again”. I was sort of complaining to myself about using paint again, but I had to give in and accept the fact that I have to do this. I did enjoy mixing/experimenting the colors and feeling like I got he hang of it. My hands aren’t the most steadiest hands, which I find very annoying, but I try to not rush into it and try to stay a little neat. But you can find some parts on it that’s a bit messed up. Anyway, I’m just glad that I’ve finished the best I can. (I forgot to add the colors around the fish by the way.)

BHS Field Trip Reflection

In today’s class we visited the The BHS on Pierrepont St, In Brooklyn. This trip was a different experience that allowed me to see first hand primary resources, as well as photos to go with them. In the wonder exhibit, I applied the things we have learned such as the rule of thirds or a juxtapositions into the pictures that we have seen. There was one particular image that I found interesting during the walk. This frame consists of a cemetery filled with tomb stones and tall city buildings that can be seen in the distance. I immediately saw an overlap. In my opinion, the cemetery represents death were as the buildings in the distance depict civilization or flourishing life. 20141110_133647

Summary & Reflection: Fastest or most Beautiful route

To have an app that tells you what would be the fastest route is a convenient tool. To have one that tells you which is the most beautiful route is more than convenient, but almost like a treat. In the article a survey was conducted a survey on the website “Flickr” to find out which routes were the most visually appealing, or more quiet and serene. People were asked whether they prefer to take the fastest route, or the more beautiful route, as well as asking them what they considered as a “beautiful route”.

Personally, if I am not on my way to school or work, I would definitely always take the most beautiful route. I enjoy seeing pretty things to make my travel a little easier. Things such as colorful lights or artwork, or even statues would make wherever I have to go a more fun experience.

Reading Lucy: Summary and Reflection

In Jennifer Egan’s passage, “Reading Lucy” she tells her story of the friendship she shared with an optimistic woman named Lucy, and the events that would take place as the two wrote to each other. These letters helped carry Egan through the eyes of Lucy and what she was going though and the emotions she felt during the time she was writing. Even the finding of her death had almost made Egan feel as though she had passed away. From the letters Lucy wrote to Egan, to the ones she wrote to Alfred, Egan felt a strong connection with this woman.

White reading the passage I related heavily to Jennifer Egan as I began reminiscing of the friends that I was never able to stop thinking of. The friendship that the two women shared reminded me of the one my best friend and I share. We’d have times when we wouldn’t see each other for weeks but still felt the experience each of us went through as we would text each other every single detail we could possible type.

Reading Lucy: Summary/ Relection

“Reading Lucy” by Jennifer Egan depicts the relationship between two friends that began from professional purposes. Over the course of the text, you see how their relationship continues to grow an does not fade despite the fact that the lost contact for a period of time. Egan reads the series of letters that Lucy and her husband Alfred write back and forth to each other. In the text it states: ” Lucy wrote to Alfred almost daily- often on the street car she took from twentieth avenue….”. From these letters it was as if she is witnessing the timeline of Lucy’s life before she discovers that she had died. Egan imagined the things she would say to Lucy if she was with during the times she read of in the letters. For example, she says, “Go to the yard, I imagined telling her…..Please, Lucy, get a transfer! Go to San Fransisco..”. Egan’s fascination with the kind of person Lucy was is what drove her to keep up with the events of her life, even after knowing she’s no longer alive.

The archival material that are provided depict the letters between Lucy and Alfred, photographs,and papers. The letters were a bit hard to read in my opinion because of the form of script. But from what I could tell, it was very significant form of communication for them. These materials may be made available for people to see in order to give us a better understanding due to the fact that it is coming from a primary source. It may help us to relate to them because certain aspects of their life that we see may appeal to some people in a way.


Project#3 Reflection

This project has brought out more of a creative side to my work. I honestly never would of thought of doing something such as a collage that would take as much planning as it did. I found that the painting portion of the collage was difficult for me because I could not get it to fully resemble the original collage. However, physically cutting out pieces of my picture to create a form of abstract art was time consuming. But in the end you get what you want and would be satisfied with it. In my opinion the photo shop creation of my collage was the most fun once I learned exactly how to work with the program.


This article really piqued my interest because it discusses whether people prefer to take the fastest route or the most beautiful route to your destination. It also explained people points on what they though were beautiful. It talks about how they want to make an app that would help people choose between the fastest or beautiful route. I would definitely buy an app like this because the ones we use now only tell us the fastest routes. These routes usually tend to be boring. They conducted a survey through flickr to find out answers to their questions. The people chose from the quietest routes to the prettiest routes. Through flickr the survey got sent to Boston.

I believe the answer to their question depends on the situation. If I’m running late then I would definitely choose the fastest route, but if I have time to waste then I wouldn’t mind enjoying the scenery. My definition of a beautiful route would be a nice place with trees or nice buildings and it would have to be clean. I wouldn’t mind the loud noises, but if its a place with no noise then that place would be heaven.