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Favorite Image: Wonder Exhibit

This was my favorite image of the “Wonder Exhibit” because it was one the most that stood out the most to me, something very different from the rest. I like that this photograph has something to think about, like why is there a lock there? Did someone’s quarters accidentally fell down ? It is such an interesting photograph that I enjoyed looking at. Overall this photograph has color even though it looks black and white, but you see the yellow from the reflection of the sun . The saturation of this photograph is very low, but it still looks very good, and as a visualizer I think the saturation was suppose to be low to have that sadness affect on the photo. The Green-Wood Cemetery is so big that it will probably take you three days to see everything, but this photograph that stood out the most to me had a great meaning and the photographer has good visualization !

Wonder Exhibit , my favorite photograph that stranded out the most to me

Wonder Exhibit , my favorite photograph that stranded out the most to me


Camera Lucida

Looking at the picture on p 22:

  • soldiers, guns, namely assault rifles->war
  • (Nicaragua)
  • rubble, aftermath ->destruction, depression
  • nuns
  • small village
  • trees
  • cloud?
  • ground, road
  • sandbags? = fortification
  • pile of bricks
  • pole–street light? telephone pole?
  • dictatorship?
  • why are there soldiers with heavy artillery next to the nuns?



Opening tonight: City Tech students’ work at BHS

Join me tonight from 6-8:00 for a great opportunity to go to the opening of Wonder: First Encounters with Green-Wood, a photography exhibit at Brooklyn Historical Society featuring work by your ADGA classmates! You can read more about this on the City Tech website, the CUNY Events Calendar, and BHS’s website.

If you are interested in attending the opening, please let me know either via email, OpenLab message, or by replying to this post. I can give you directions for you to meet me at BHS or can meet you at City Tech beforehand and we can walk there together. If you’re interested but can’t make it tonight, the exhibit will run through January 15th, so you can go on your own or with some classmates. We’re planning a field trip to BHS this semester, but I don’t know that we’ll have a chance to see the exhibit then.

***If you attend and write a blog post about the show–at least 300 words–you will earn extra credit that can be applied wherever needed in your ENG 1101 grade.***