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Rapprochement - noun

the development of friendlier relations between countries or groups of people who have been enemies

1: establishment of or state of having cordial relations


I was reading an article on the New York Times about Obama opening relations with Cuba, and I had no idea what this term meant so I looked it up. Rapprochement means to develop friendlier relations with Cuba in this case.


Transistor - noun

a small device that is used to control the flow of electricity in radios, computers, etc

1: a solid-state electronic device that is used to control the flow of electricity in electronic equipment and usually consists of a small block of a semiconductor (as germanium) with at least     three electrodes

2: a transistorized radio


I was learning how to build a computer and came across this word Transistor I did not know what it did so I looked it up, so a Transistor is essentially a on and off switch and a computer is made out of billions of Transistors.



Prevalent- accepted, done, or happening often over a large area at a particular time: common or widespread

I can across this word in the text for the final exam for this course. I immediately recognized that I wasn’t familiar with this term. In the text, it stated, ” Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is now the most prevalent psychiatric illness of young people in America…”. After researching this word the text was much clearer, and I understood it when it came up further on in the text.


Monetary - Adjective

Definition: of or relating to the coinage or currency of a country.


Encounter: I encounter the word when I read the article “US Fed: Interest Rates Could Rise by Middle of 2015″ in December 17, 2014

Understand:  When the article indicated “Economists say the Fed’s monetary policies have helped fuel the U.S. recovery” I can’t predict what the word monetary means from the sentence. After I looked up the word which is related to currency, I immediately understand Fed’s monetary policies not only affecting the economy, but also affecting the society. In the future, I will try to use this word as an adjective instead using the world currency as a noun.


Reproduction- Noun

Definition- The act of copying something like a document, book or even a sound.

Definition Location-

Where I first encountered this word- I remember encountering this word during the video that was played during English class regarding how mass production and the camera has changed the singular meaning or message of a drawing. When thinking about Reproduction I think about old VHS and the mass production of disney movies


Authenticity- Adjective

Definition- Something or someone that is real or genuine and that is not fake.

Definition Location-

I remember hearing this word again in the video played during English class and how reproduction of images has allowed an ease of access that has created various definitions for images such as The Mona Lisa and how famous authentic images can only be seen in one place. I remember this word by thinking of famous painting that are one of a kind in the sense of the history behind it rather copies of them that are not the real deal.


Juxtaposition- Adjective

Juxtaposition Definition- The act of placing two things side by side to create a comparison between the two.

Location of the Definition:

I encountered this word when being given the assignment of city limits in class that is due the 20th of October. The way I understand the word Juxtaposition is when I think about the poor and the rich when placing both side by side they contrast each other really well and show off the differences in their lifestyles.


Ambiguous- Adjective

Ambiguous Definition- When something is not defined clearly.

Location of the definition-

I encountered this word during the first few classes in Professor’s Spevack’s Way’s of Seeing class. When thinking of the word Ambiguous I think of things that aren’t easily defined such as when looking at a drawing or picture whose contrast of black and white are 50/50 and make it hard to distinguish what I’m truly looking at.



Not getting the praise or appreciation that is deserved

Encounter: This word was encountered during the reading of Reading Lucy Jennifer Egan

The word Unheralded is used to explain that something that doesn’t happen or is unexpected. An a person who is Unheralded does not receive the credit they deserve.



Sort or Kind

Refers to groups of people or objects

This word was first encountered during the reading of Reading Lucy Jennifer Egan. The word refers to groups or people and is a word used for categorizing.