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Project #4: The Pitch (Final)

In today’s world everyone is always rushing to get to their destination. Taking the quickest route that they know of and never really appreciating the things around them. Especially those who live in New York as it’s almost always a busy place. So what if you had a couple minutes to spare on your way home? You’re in no rush, probably tired of walking the same old route that you take everyday, and you want to discover a new route. This route can take you through beautiful places you haven’t seen or noticed before and you’ll also discover many new places around you that you can always go back to visit! You’ll go from the noisy busy street that you’re used to into a much more calm and quiet area. If a route like this peaks your interest then you can download this app and depend on it to take you on a route through a much happier area where you can discover many new places and experience beauty and peace!

This route will take you from City Tech to the A, C, and G subway station at Hoyt and Schermerhorn street! You’ll experience the normal and quite noisy route, but you’ll go through a beautiful area there that will distract you from all of the crowds and noise around you. Eventually you’ll walk into a calm and quiet area, a nice place to walk through especially when you’re not in a rush. To start off this route, once you exit City Tech, take a right and walk down Jay Street. You’ll be walking through that crowded area of Jay Street MetroTech. Where there’s always people rushing to work, school, and who knows where else. The surroundings also seem a bit loud because right across from City Tech there’s a construction site and there’s cars all around the busy area. Cross the street when you see the Marriott building and you’ll notice a plaza area. This area isn’t usually too crowded, so you can take a nice stroll through it. It’s very beautiful around this time of year because it’s decorated for Christmas. This area is generally a nice place to sit, relax, look at the things around you, and maybe even have a snack while you’re relaxing! You can find several food places here if you want to grab something to eat before you go home. There’s places such as StarBucks, Chipotle, Five Guys and even more. If you walk into the plaza you’ll see all of those and across from Five Guys there’s a huge Christmas Tree that looks amazing! It’s not as big, or well decorated as the one in Rockefeller Center but it definitely did remind me of that as the huge tree is in the middle of this area.  Right behind the tree you’ll notice a work of art that actually changes every few months. In that area you may notice how at this time of year all of the trees around the donated piece of art have no leaves at all and it’s very interesting to see. Just stopping to appreciate the things you see here will really take your mind off of the amount of people and noise around you, it puts you in a happier place! You can sit down at the benches or tables outside of the stores in this area if you want to relax. This is a nice detour if you would like to appreciate some art work and beauty around your area and even find a place to eat. After this you can continue your journey walking to the subway station and walking down Jay Street once again.

As you’re walking down Jay Street you’ll pass by many food places. A lot you’ll recognize such as Subway or Dunkin Donuts. So there is even more food options! If you’re feeling like trying something new  or going to a place that’s not so well known, there’s tons of cafes and restaurants along the route! One happens to be on Smith Street which you’ll walk straight into as you’re walking down Jay Street, it’s called Apollo Diner. But before you get to Smith Street, you’ll see a street sign on your walk down Jay Street that says Fulton Mall. It’s an outdoor mall that’s a great area to walk through and visit if you want to make another detour! There’s tons of different stores to discover around here that you can always come back to visit! Once you’ve walked through Jay Street and have walked into Smith street the crowds are gone and it’s much nicer in an emptier area. It’s more peaceful when there’s not a lot of noise around you.

Walking down Smith Street you’ll walk past a car parking service that you can’t miss because of the huge sign and you’ll see the appearance of cars stacked up. That itself is very eye catching and interesting to see. You’ll come upon Schermerhorn Street on your left and walk down there, and as you do the main thing you’ll most likely focus on is a tall glass building! It’s not like anything in Manhattan but it sure will catch your eye. The architecture of the different buildings on this route is definitely an interesting aspect. Now if you all of a sudden realize that you’ve got to rush home for something, no worries because there’s several different entrances to the same Subway station! But this route will be taking you to the last one on Hoyt so you can see all of the stores! There are many Cafe’s and restaurants that you’ll notice along here. The buildings on Schermerhorn seem to be mostly stone but you’ll come across two tall glass buildings, one of which was right as we turn. Seeing the different buildings and how they vary in size is interesting. The stone buildings along Schermerhorn street look more classic in a way and less modern which is not bad, it’s interesting to see older styled buildings especially when you can compare it to more of modern day buildings directly across the street! You usually won’t see too much of the older buildings. This walk is now much more peaceful because it isn’t crowded at all and you can take your time to actually notice the different buildings and all of the stores just like on Jay Street. Being in a quieter area generally should help you feel more calm and maybe even happier as you’re looking at your surroundings while you walk.  Eventually after 2 blocks down Schermerhorn street you’ll find your destination which is the subway station for the A, C, and G trains. Right next to it is also a Goodwill so if you’ve got time you can even go shopping there.

This route takes you from beauty and peaceful relaxing areas to areas that you can discover new things, and new places to visit. It’s a lot within one new route!  You’ll experience a little bit of everything! You can find your happiness if you take a new route, even with the smallest change. This app can be the future for everyone, and help a lot when traveling!

Project #4 Final Draft

In today’s busy world finding the most quickest route is crucial and familiarizing ourselves with is important if we want to save time, but by doing this we’re essentially missing out on our beautiful surroundings. Getting lost is by far the only way to get to know what is around us but as we all know that consumes far too much time, but what about getting “lost” in an area that passes through your commute? We shall be exploring such route and without further ado, lets begin!

Our rout shall run from Jay Street Metrotech station in where the A,C, F and R trains run to the Dekalb station on Flatbush in which the B,D,N,Q and R trains run. Upon exiting the Jay Street station make a left and walk straight until you see Myrtle Avenue on the other side of the street and head over on to the Metrotech center. From there walk straight on Myrtle as you walk there will be art exhibitions that were donated to Polytech NYU, food franchises such as Five Guys and at this point in time the Metrotech center is beautifully decorated with many Christmas themed decorations to celebrate the holidays. As you progress to end of the street you will see a curved road from there make a left and walk straight,  from here being “lost” is quite rewarding. The sight you will most definitely see is a couple of houses and a church that are awfully out of place, but have quite a lot of history behind them first let’s begin with the church. The church you will see here is named The Oratory Church of Saint Boniface was originally built during the 1870’s by German immigrants eventually became ran down but was restored by priests and brothers of the Order of Saint Phillip Neri who too were looking for a home and thus the Oratory Church of Saint Boniface was born. This Neo gothic church has received lots of attention for the sheer amount of people who have attended on Palm Sunday and the distances they travel just to get there. Now on to the other three houses that are located right next to the Oratory Church of Saint Boniface, these four buildings( They’re commonly referred to as the 180-184 Duffield houses) which are remnants of a neighborhood that no longer exist were originally located on the corner of Johnson Street between Bridge and Lawrence street, which has now become Tech Place. The first three buildings(180-183) were build by Rev. Samuel Roosevelt Johnson in 1838 and1839, lastly the fourth building was built by a merchant, Francis Chichester. As the Metrotech place was being built in the early 1980’s these pieces of history were in danger of being erased from history, however in 1990 they were moved to their present location and as of 2001 they have been landmark as a group. For those wondering if these buildings are currently being occupied, they have been occupied in the past and still are only now are occupied by non-profits, agencies, and business offices. Continue walking straight and make a left upon Willoughby street and continue for a bit, another stop we shall make is at the Chase building which is only a minute or two away, (A word of warning, if you have experienced anything similar to an epileptic seizure I strongly recommend that you skip this stop) inside there is a bunch of monitors that display various images that look as if they belong in some kind of music video. Upon exiting continue walking the same path while walking you’ll come across the Institute of Design and Construction, upon coming to the end of the street look to your left and you can see a building with a pretty cool design, and in the middle of the road there is wire frame cubes. Continue on to the car wash that is offering $5 dollar discounts if you decide to print out your won coupon. Make a right on to the Flatbush exit or on the car wash, from there continue straight to eventually find the Dekalb train station, however this is not the station we shall be stopping at. Continue forward until you find the next train station, as you walk you’ll see Long Island University which surprisingly is not located in Long Island, as you walk you will eventually approach the station that marks the end of your journey, not only have you explored a familiar area you have also found a different way in and learned a little about the neighborhood.

Getting lost is one of the very few ways out there to truly explore our surroundings but often getting lost takes up too much time.  Being lost can help a person discover the beauty of their surroundings, simply being lost in a familiar area can bring about discovery and help an individual learn about something new






Project#4 reflection

During project 4,  I didn’t really expect to do something like this for a project. I just thought we’re just gonna walk around, see things, explain it and that’s it, but actually doing the route and taking the time to  see what is around you and have a sort of connection or feeling or emotion from what you’re looking at and where you are. You want to show everyone or anybody how things are in your perspective. I thought project 4 was a good experience for me to explore somewhere different to find what interest you if the route was quiet or filled with beauty or involves happiness or etc. I like to share things I like to convince people to do something that I think would be appropriate to them  and even though I’m not that convincing a times, I try my best to really get people in the spirit of wanting to see or do something without feeling like “oh it’s raining/it’s not a good weather today”, “oh I don’t want to do this cause I’m lazy”, but getting that feeling of wanting to do something is relaxing, refreshing, and comforting.

In my opinion this project helped me mentally and physically because I can be lazy and just stay in bed or if I’m in school after my classes are done for the day,  I just sit & eat with my friends, but  don’t move around and see what’s around the area. I want to see what’s around the school. I never been around Brooklyn as much (I don’t live him Brooklyn by the way) and it would be really cool to just see what’s out there for me to see. Mentally,  I just overthink a lot and become stressful from tons of work I have to do and personal things but the walk helped my boyfriend ,whom was  with me on the route, and I. It helped clear our minds and and try to enjoy what’s to see, have fun with it. Also tried not to think it was a project, but a challenge. I had smile on my face and he had a smile on his face. It was good to see him happy, is good to feel happy and when I looked at the Brooklyn Bridge I felt like I accomplished  something and I wanted see more. I mostly focusing on the beauty of the bridge and see it in a different view and setting.  it’s just hard to explain but Sometimes I see things In artist  perspective and  it’s just amazing. I explain it more in my Pitch essay! Check it out!

Aesthetic Mapping: Self-Evaluation

At the beginning for project 4, I did not understand the main idea for this project. However, with the introduction of reading the article of “What If You Could Choose between the Fastest Route and the Most Beautiful” I began to understand the purpose of it. In today’s society, I’m similar to most of the people who will ignore their surrounding area, and continually taking to shortest route to the destination. After I begin the project, I began to understand routes can involve with many elements, such as beauty, nature, and quiet. I begin planning my route which to make a detour from the train station to City Tech. Having a spirit of exploring will help me to convince others to take my walk. I believe it is a good experience to develop the project with first-hand experience, because the feeling to immediately come out, and I can use my feeling as references to apply into my project.

At the beginning of the project, I spent 15 to 20 minutes walking the detour from Jay Street Metrotech station to City Tech. The detour is probably 10 – 15 minutes, but I have to take pictures and slowly observing the area, so it takes me little be longer than I expected. With the first-hand experience, I spent approximately one and half hour for the draft. However, after the peer review, I believe I’m missing details about my route. As a result, I researched on Google, but it didn’t come out with many results. However, I’m able to add some of the details with the support from Google, and I also add more viewpoints by taking the detour again. For the final draft, I spend additional one and hour by adding details and editing sentences. Overall, the purpose of the project is to remind me to have a spirit of exploration, so I hope everyone can get this idea by taking my walk and viewing my project.

Project 4 Reflection

For this project, I realized that I have a new found interest in the environment around City Tech. I would have never guessed that there were such a large number of activities that could be done on the way from the school, to the train station.  I feel a sense of accomplishment now that I have discovered my own route that emphasizes happiness . Like the previous project, I was able to become familiar with the area. The difference in this case, is that it goes more into depth by pointing out all of the pleasant routes that I would prefer.

It took about 30 minutes for me to find a suitable route that I could use for this work that would be interesting for others to take. The first direction I went in,was toward the Metro Tech Center because I already had an idea of what I wanted the walk to consist of. I had to stop multiple times to think about what my next move should be. This wasn’t easy, considering the fact that it was 25 degrees that day with high wind chills. I knew I had to mention that people should aim to take the walk when the weather is more on the mild side. I believed that I excelled at describing the aspects of my walk in the pitch. These descriptionsgave it such a happy vibe. I felt that this was important because my interns should have a vivid image in their mind of what I am trying to convey, so that they themselves will want to talk the route.  On the day that I took the walk, my cellphone camera seemed to be having a problem capturing the images that I needed to apply to the pitch. As a result I was forced to take photos another day, with which it happened to be raining. However, if my route is chosen for this app, participants can choose when the right time is to make a move for the walk will be.

Assignment 6: Self Review

During this project , i spent the most time actually finding the route that i wanted to write about.  I had already written about my walk from city tech to the pier, so now i wasn’t sure what to write. Eventually, after having a better understanding of the project i chose to take the same route. This time however , i choose to focus more attention to my surrounding and what i saw and heard. However, due to the changing weather that was taking place, i wasn’t able to actually take the walk for myself. I relied on memory to write my essay “The Route”. If i was able to take the walk the second time, my essay might have more details and maybe been longer. I think that my pitch and in class presentation could have been improved. i could have given more persuasive detail to the class as to why my walk was interesting enough for them to take it for themselves rather than just listen to me talk about it. I excelled at the actual writing part of project. I like to write and also, i like to improve my writing. However, the part that i feel i didn’t excel at was a part of the project at all and that was my time management. I started off good, but eventually i found myself rushing to get things done. The length of the assignment itself, made it hard for me to keep track.

The pitch”  was the longest and most detailed part of the project. In the fifth assignment for the project we were allowed to revise the pitch. Based on the feedback we got from our peers , we were able to change our essay and also include outside information if need. This project allowed me the ability to change my essay around and revise it to my liking. I believe my walk was very interesting  because there is a lot to look at while you are walking and i believe i clearly explained that in my pitch. I feel like my work could still be improved with ever more detail, adding more descriptive words to give the reader a better visualization of those beautiful Brooklyn streets.

Assignment 5: Peer Review

I choose to review Richard Rice’s pitch of his walk of Pierrepont and Columbus Heights. In his pitch he clearly explained that his walk in beautiful , using many different descriptive adjectives to describe everything in the neighbor. He points out the architecture of the buildings and mentions that the neighbor is historically preserved. His pitch doesn’t necessarily make me want to take this walk but, it informs me of what there is to experience in this part of Brooklyn. There are a few grammar error but, i am sure that they will be changed when he write the revised version.

Revised Pitch

You may have never walked down the streets of Pierrepont and Columbus Heights. It is also possible that you may have never even heard of these streets in Brooklyn, I know before this walk I had never heard of these streets myself and I can assure you that you are missing out on some beautiful things that you would never normally see in your daily walk to school or work. I believe that my proposed walk would be very appealing to a lot of people because of the beautiful sights you can see on your way to the train station. I believe I have some great sights on my walk. My focus was mostly on buildings but there were also other aspects like beautiful trees on my walk. There will be a lot to catch the eye of a person who has an eye for architectural design. On my walk I see a beautiful post office whos architecture I believe would catch anybodies eye no matter what the aesthetic. My second sight is the residential area around Pierrepont and Columbus Heights. Each building looks pretty cool in there own way, and lastly I will speak on the beautiful sight on Columbus Heights between Orange and Cranberry streets. These streets have beautiful sights to offer, each sight has its own way of conveying a beautiful building in an unsuspecting area.
My first sight is the post office. The post offices construction began to think if the construction of the building around the year of 1891. According to the trixRosen website the original building was designed with even larger details than what was actually built. Then in 1974 it became a national Landmark meaning it can’t be moved or changed now. The building was built in a Romanesque Revival makes for a beautiful building. Usually a post office would be a plain and boring place but this one will immediately catch your eye because of the way the building curves and protrudes out and over your head. The post office is also one point five acres and it looks like a Castle at first glance. If someone were to see the building for the first time they would not believe what the building was because it is that pretty to look at.
Secondly, the residential area of Pierrepont and Columbus Heights. The residential area is beautiful. Some buildings were even said to be built in 1820. A man while I was on my walk told me that most of the houses built in the area were built post Civil War. According to the Brooklyn Heights Association the neighborhood gives us a mix of old New York and the 21st century, juxtaposing the old and new. Whenever the old and new come together it makes for a great composition of anything.
Lastly, before the subject finally heads to the train station there is one last sight there is a space on Columbus Heights between Orange and Cranberry streets. Where the city and the bridge are in a perfect picture frame of New York. In all the other sights I knew what to expect. Before I came across this sight I was just expecting to see more post Civil war buildings in the residential area. When I came across this spot I believe I saw it at the best possible time, which is at night in the dark. When the sun is all the way down and each building and light post are shining their brightest lights and the juxtaposition of the Bridge and City makes a beautiful sight.
In conclusion, I believe that my walk is an appealing for many people. The beautiful sights of buildings in my walk were very appealing to look at. I think every subject no matter what the aesthetic will love this walk. There is so much to catch someone’s eye on my walk I think it will be impossible not to be happy. Although a lot of it has to do with architectural designs each aesthetic still has an eye for the simplicity of just Art and Beauty.

Review of Pitch

Richard Rice
Pitch Review

In the pitch from Janet Whitten, there was not much of what I believe needed to be improved in her writing piece. But I did realize two points. First was specifically from the first paragraph. A couple of sentences throughout the beginning of that paragraph seemed slightly confusing, you do not have to lose them rather just re-word them. Other than that the only other actual critique I have is on the typos throughout the essay, just be sure to watch out for those typos it will keep your writing piece tight, and probably more understandable in certain areas.
As for the good aspects of your writing piece I liked your ideas a lot. I can see that there can be a lot of room for potential research in your subject. I think it comes together well in your introductory paragraph also. The thesis can work together very well with each idea that you have in your body paragraphs. I also think even though it is not always directly connected to your thesis each idea was very well worded. Going forward in your writing piece I think research of the memorial can help you get more words in.

Project 4….

With the development of society, the speed of people’s lives are becoming more and more rapid. So in order to make people feel about their lives are beautiful and colorful, make people be more interested in their route, not just one place to another, our group is intending to create an Aesthetic Map which helps you to know how abundant are surround you life. Maybe just take a couple of minutes detour, probably will change your definition of “the route to home”. Speaking of aesthetic map, today, we are focusing on three key words to explore our aesthetic route to home. They’re natural, crowded and great structures. Usually people like choosing the shortest way to achieve their goal which is opposite with our goal exactly. So we make a detour as an example that starts at City Tech to the subway stop, Jay St Metro Tech.

Going out of City Tech, usually, people like to take a right and directly go to the subway stop, but today we suggest turn left to explore a happiest route. The crossroad between Jay St and Tillary St is kind of wide so that you have to pay attention on those two traffic lights because they turn to red really fast. There is a safety island located on the middle of the crossroad. People stand on the island may work in different kinds of jobs. They may work for the strictest boss in the world, full of disappointments in hearts; or a student who is preparing for SAT examination anxiously. People stand on the smallest island in the world and watch the stream of traffic with different stories. However, just 3mins standing on the island, a feeling of peace will flow in your heart. You see cars come and leave, like those unexpected things, finally, they’re all going to leave. Everything will be fine. Simple and right. After a purification of the heart, then make one more left and walk straightly to the end of Cadman Plaza, after that, you’ll find the Cadman Plaza Park at your right hand where is a yellow ocean right now. When you walk in, you’ll hear a sound made by your steps and leaves fell from trees. Also, there are some kids play at the park sometimes who offer you pure smiles which are counted as a bonus for you.

After Cadman Plaza Park,  walking along Cadman Plaza W St, you’ll find another park, the Columbus Park. Different from Cadman Park,  several kinds of flowers are planted in the park. There is a statue of Beecher who was one of giants of anti-slavery movement in 19th Century in US. The government planed to close the park, but as a public space, it still there today must has a special fascination to exist. More interesting thing is, there is a market in front of the park and called Greenmarket.  The market only open on Tues, Thurs and Sat from 8am to 6pm. In the market, vegetables, cake and other daily supplies are sold. Deserved to be mentioned is everything in here is from farm or homemade which is healthy and fresh. With the decoration of vintage Borough Hall Subway Station, the market makes the street more like a small town in the movie. Even though outside is cold, but those sellers still bring the most fresh stuffs to you. They make the street warm.

We are almost at the end of natural journey, next we’ll go and find some great buildings. The Borough Hall should be on the detour list,  speaking the great of the Borough Hall, on the top of the building, there is a golden woman standing there with a balance and a wand which represent justice and equity. The style of the building is kind of a traditional government building, a triangle roof with six columns at the bottom. Standing at the corner of the street and watching the whole building, you’ll be attracted by building because it releases ancient but amazing charm. It gives you a impression of serious and you’ll feel like that’s the feeling of justice. Have you ever thought these elements that suppose far away from you, but actually you just pass by everyday? Don’t be surprise, still have something waiting for you!

As we keep walking along court St, we’ll welcome the most crowed,noisy and fantastic Street, Court St. Lots of stores are selling plenty kinds of stuffs, different from the market in front of Columbus Park, stores on Court St are selling manufactured products, from cosmetics to shoes, from lollipop to beer. You can buy anything you want.  Furthermore, with the sunset, the neon lights like a guide that direct you the way to home.  At the end of Court St which is also Fulton St, after you enjoy your fantastic route, you might feel a little bit tired, don’t worry, next destination is your final stop, your lovely home. The only thing you have to do is taking the right train and have a rest.

In the end, to decelerate our aim once again, we are trying to find an effective way to make your route more colorful and abundant instead of just a place to another place. Don’t worry about you cannot find a beautiful view, finally you’ll realize that the city is huge enough that you’ll get your ways diversely; the city is small enough that you’ll find the most amazing things just right on your side. To make your way more meaningful and beautiful, why don’t you find out the keywords firstly, go around and make a detour, or build an aesthetic map which could help you explore your life abundant.