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Project #2: Reflection

While I was doing project #2 I worried the most about writing more of an agenda than relating my journey to Colson Whitehead’s ‘City Limits’. I was surprisingly happy to do this project. It made me actually look at the areas of downtown brooklyn. I got to observe the overlapping New Yorks and dug deeper into the history and dynamics of the area. Making up to 900 words was a bit of a struggle for me but nevertheless the more I wrote the essay the more I began to explore the juxtapositions of the New Yorks I was assigned to. I still believe there is a lot that I could work on and correct. For now I’m very happy that I was able to relate the culture of Fulton street and Court street to that of ‘City Limits’ and ‘Ways of Seeing’.

Project #2 Reflection

What I found the most difficult out of the project was finding a place that I could personally feel somewhat attached to and could write about as my personal New York. As for finding the Juxtaposition in the Metro tech area and that was pretty easy as many places easily felt out of place with Jay Street’s modern look. When it came down to it I found this project really fun, I was able to learn more about places that while a still familiar were still very foreign to me. Overall what I feel will need improvement is in quoting and using quotes as a means of support to my essays.

Project 2: Reflection

In Project 2 Of English 1101 we had to take a 10-15 minute walk passed city tech. Our goal was to use our senses and observe  an overlapping New York. We would post about the location we chose and why did we choose it. Prior to the project we read ” City Limits” by Colson Whitehead and got an idea on how to explain our topics in our writing.One of the goals was to compare and contrast Different and overlapping New Yorks and the people that live there and how they are affected by it. I wrote about the overlap between commercial buildings and personals stores like Groceries or even little apartments far off next to the Brooklyn Bridge. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know this area more and the type of people who live here. I am new to the busy side of Brooklyn so this project made me feel more welcomed around here.Because I got more familiar, I was enlightened. I was Taught where the nearest Barnes and Noble is located and I learned directions towards different subway stations to lead me to City Tech just in case I am stuck In Traffic, However I think I need more improvement on how I describe my surroundings and senses.But since I have acquired these life skills , I know I have gained something from this adventurous project. The additional support I had was friends and I going through the busy streets and spotting anything of interest to help us along the project and also the reading of City Limits and how a overlapping New York look like.

Project #2 Final

New York City! one of the most famous cities of the world. It has tons of American and world History and we live in it. They’re many stories yours and mine , big and small but all these stories are our very own personal New York. Peoples own New York are very different from others and it is to be expected due to our continuously growing city. The overlapping New Yorks leads to a big discussion about how things came to be and who’s New York is best. What is Overlapping exactly? Overlapping is when two things come in between each other and cause an effect.

I am not all that used to Brooklyn I only come to Brooklyn whenever I am visiting a family member but not around here and now I am coming here often for school. Since I am new around these areas, seeing different New Yorks overlap over at CityTech can be quite interesting especially The Brooklyn Bridge Near by. I am interested because its a new scenery  and I like exploring new places and learning about the environment that surrounds me.Because I found this very convenient, I decided to research the different aspects of the different New York that overlap around City tech And Brooklyn Bridge.

As I walk down from City Tech I notice something very important to mention and that is the construction. Already this shows that nobody how much time passes in New York, there will be lots of construction. There will be always the team of constructers remaking and remodeling, making something new and better, New York is the city that never sleeps so there is always something going on, and this leads to a lot of busy neighborhoods like the one we are on. Due to construction its safe to assume that people that pass by can smell the tar in the air and all the loud cracking noises hitting the ground. People are talking and rushing on their cellphones with suits having a designation they are heading towards. The Park I went inside was a little more spacious and quiet than the rest of places I came across. This shows a very big overlap because for example a child comes to this park everyday playing frisbee with his father,  these memories will be with the child and he will remember this park as his New York no matter how much change will come to it, but lets say this park was to change the child would never be able to have the chance to say goodbye to it because you can never really part ways with a park, especially if you’re a child. Therefore these memories would mean to the person even more since it has changed and a sudden feeling of nostalgia arises.This park overlaps different memories to those of others, because the park exists differently for a variety of  people at a different time. A very strong statement Colson Whitehead included in his reading of City Limits says ” I’m here because I was born here and thus ruined for anywhere else” this quote really impacts and highlight the whole point he is trying to make. ” thus ruined for anywhere else” shows how much people are going to stand by their point of view and the way they see New York City. Whitehead deliberately contradicts himself in saying that his New York is right and others are wrong while at the same time he explains everybody has their own, because he contradicts himself it proves a big point in how New York is different in different peoples eyes.

While I proceeded my way down passed the park on Borough Hall I started to see that there was less and less stores and more about restaurants and small stores instead of seeing  Macy’s and clothing stores. Now as I continue to head towards the bridge I hear a very quiet atmosphere compared to the loud neighborhood near by. I can infer that the Juxtaposition between these two different New York are extremely different life styles of the people themselves. The loud and busy side are filled with people aiming for money and progression and the quiet side is more probably about settling down with a small family. As I finally reached my destination I see a big open portion of water with boats traveling and lemonade stands, I also see a mini park that has swings for toddlers and parts of grass to sit on, next to the benches. I can smell the water and feel the wind blowing. What I see across the bridge is the buildings that inhabit manhattan and Tons of yet again construction. All I can think about is that New York is really a place for people to start. There are tourists going on the boat and viewing the statue of liberty for the first time while i’ve already seen it a dozen times. It shows me the perspective that another has instead of my own. A lot of perspective topics like these also brings in a spice of value. Value is what the perspective is worth like the statue of liberty for example.Value is what makes the whole point of the Old and New memories of New York City come together and make a heated debate wither which is better and value is finally the place it holds in our memories that we cherish in our own New York.

Even though People would have their own stand point in this topic, thats exactly what it is all about. It is about the mix culture and diversity we see now, and it can also represents America’s foundation in freedom and opportunity. That is the way that it is and New York will move on with or without us as Whitehead explains. We can never really say goodbye to our old buildings or stores we grew up around, but as long as we have those memories It will be forever carved into New York History.

English 1101 Project 2

New York City aka The Big Apple is one of the most popular cities in the world. The lights, the sights and the foods attract people from all over the world. However it’s not a big deal to people like me, who’ve been living here our whole lives. Time goes on and New York goes on. Downtown Brooklyn is an area I got to learn more about as I explored it. Living in Brooklyn has its pros and cons. There’s a Starbucks on like every corner and so much public transit you don’t need a car although some prefer to drive. Despite the dirty garbage smells on the street and loud noise (ex. traffic, helicopters, neighbor’s music, etc.) I live here, go to school here and New York today is my New York.

My walk was approximately ten to fifteen minutes. I walked down Fulton mall. When exiting the main building of city tech turn right and walk down Jay Street all the way to Fulton mall. Across the street from city tech is the Supreme and Family Court building. I notice there are lines sometimes that wrap around the building when I pass it on my way to school. While walking down Jay Street, I smell cigarette smoke from the surrounding passer byers as I do every day. It is also very windy on Jay Street between Tech place and Willoughby Street, especially that area in front the train station entrance where there are trees, seats and power outlets. Turn left onto Fulton mall on the block where the Duane Reade is and walk all the way down to Bond Street. There is nothing unusual down Fulton. The McDonald’s is crowded as always, the people are walking either really fast or really slow, and the sunshine doesn’t really hit that area. There was no visible construction down Fulton mall. While walking down Fulton towards Bond Street there are a lot of middle school and high school kids in the area and some of them were loud for no reason. There is also a lot of street marketing in Fulton mall. People handing out business cards and people advertising by mouth- that is announcing their business’s sales or whatever they can to attract customers. But there is a variety of stores and you can find anything you need downtown. If you see something you like but don’t like the price you can literally walk into another store in the area and get it for a much cheaper price.  After that I turned left on Bond Street and made a right onto DeKalb and went into the train station. Walking home from the train station is different for me than walking to school from the train station. My neighborhood is quieter (although not completely quiet) and there are more trees. I don’t really stop and take the time to appreciate that beauty and simplicity that is a part of my New York to realize this place will go on without me and I’ll be replaced with someone else who will in the future live in my apartment and have to walk to that very train station.

Finding a juxtaposition downtown was hard for me so I walked that path again on another day but I found it- Chase bank. This bank, located on DeKalb Avenue and Fleet Street doesn’t look like regular chase banks. It’s a fairly old building which looks more like a cathedral. Its smack in the middle of all these fast food restaurants, shoe stores and clothing stores. Across from the Chase bank building is a new modernized looking building uniquely designed that said City Point, with an Armani Exchange store on the first floor and the building has a triangle shaped roof. That’s where I realized the juxtaposition of the two buildings. The Chase building is something from many people’s New York because it’s an old and/or historic building and is still here today while the City Point building contrasts it with its modernism. In a section of City Limits by Colson Whitehead, he uses the example of the Pan Am building – how people today view it as the MetLife stadium while he sees and will always see it as the Pan Am building. Tourists snap pictures today of what they see because it’s fascinating to them while I walk past these things every day and take it for granted. These things will most likely be different in the future and while these tourists will have photographs I will only have photographic memory. But everyone’s perspective of New York is different. I see the MetLife stadium while Whitehead sees the Pan Am building.

Everything I’ve seen that day is now a part of my New York. The trees? The train station? The crowded McDonalds? The numerous Starbucks? The short guy handing out copies of his mixtape? The Chase Bank building? It is a part of my New York so if they reconstruct it, replace it, or it disappears, part of my New York will be gone too. Like Whitehead said “Maybe we become New Yorkers the day we realize that New York will go on without us.” Things change over time. The sidewalks and roads get repaved after they’ve gotten rough, bumpy and/or worn out. Old buildings get constructed on and modernized. Subway stations get redone and expand. People die. New people are born. But the same sun still shines over New York City.

Project#2 :Summary & Reflection

For Project#2, I had to write about the location I chose that was 15 minutes away from CityTech.  My location was on Court st. & State st. next to this old looking movie theater. I wrote about how interested I was in the area  for being a more relaxed and uplifting atmosphere. Even discussed the overlap/ juxtaposition cities from where I stood and the area I see from a far distance.


As we read the reading, “City Limits”, by Colson Whitehead, he writes about the overlap of different New Yorks. We had to find some different overlapping New Yorks ourselves. To walk anywhere that’s 15 to 20 minutes or more away from Citytech. Also look for New yorks that juxtaposition (example: old and new structures). Then we had to write an essay in 900-1200 words. In our essays, we needed to add our senses, hearing, smelling, and seeing and quotes from the reading, “Ciy limits”, to support the essay. But we had to prepare before jumping into the essay. We had to choose a location that is right to you and then chart our course to the location from Citytech. Needs to have more details than Google. Next, describe the location with much details as you can with the sights and about the juxtaposition. Then explain why you chose the location and try to add Whitehead’s quotes.

Finally, you can get started with the essay!


This project has made me learn more about the area around Citytech/Brooklyn. I don’t live around the area or in Brooklyn in general but this help me realize that there’s so much more in Brooklyn never knew about that I never knew about. It was fun and interesting to see the new sites with someone and see more of the area than what I see from just a glance. I wanted to see everything in such little time. The area I chose as an example, to find the overlapping in this area was sort of difficult but intriguing as I kept looking for its juxtaposition. But as I read Whitehead’s words, most of his quotes really help me find it in the area and I had to look deeper into it. Anyway, I was mostly  proud of how I describe the movie theater and the court building because I thought I had a lot to say about them of course.

Total time on Project#2: 

6 hrs I spent on the project altogether.

Project #2 Final

New York is a big place. Not only to the new comers we see everyday, whom New Yorkers refer to as tourists but also to those who have lived there all their lives because New York is a state that is forever changing and sooner later the whole little community you walked passed everyday, is now a totally different place. In Colson Whiteheads piece “City Limits” this is a concept he continues to write about in different and detailed ways. I will be explaining two juxtaposed buildings, meaning these two buildings are placed in a position where they convincingly contrast each other. Whitehead explains it as an overlapping New York. There are many kinds of overlapping New Yorks because as he puts it everyone has a different New York that is special to each person. The juxtaposition I found and chose to write about was the simple old versus new. I will be also explaining what I can feel from each building and how different each building truly is to each other besides the fact that one is old and the other is new.
First, I am going to speak on the building on the left of the juxtaposition. From this building I can feel that it used to have a purpose at this moment it basically ceases to exist because it is not being used for anything. When it was first built I am sure that it was very useful. It could have been used as someones personal and small business at one point and to everyone during that time who knew that building as the quaint business they passed everyday on their way to school or work, that is all it can ever be. They will never see it as the abandoned building on remsen street next to the nice glass building St. Francis uses. As Whitehead said in his piece “There are eight million naked cities in this naked city they dispute and disagree.” In this quote Whitehead is referring to each person in New York as a different New York. So to the old man who barely even knows where St. Francis even is, he knows that red-ish old building as the new dark brown building where there is a small independent business, but to that teenager that is walking down that street today, that building is nothing more than the old, abandoned, insignificant place next to their schools academic center where they come to all the time to study.
Now, on the other side of our juxtaposed New York there is a newly structured building for the students at St. Francis. As I stated earlier to the young students walking to their academic center, they will probably never even notice or acknowledge the existence of that red and brown building next to their building. To these young people all they know and all they will ever know is the academic building on remesen street that they may go to occasionally to study. Also according to Whitehead they should not even worry about what that other building is because it is not apart of “their New York”. He writes “Never listen to what people tell you about old New York, because if you did not witness it it is not apart of your New York.”
Now to compare these two overlapping New Yorks to each other based on the elements I observed by using my senses. There is a sleek and transparent feel to the Academic center to the right of the juxtaposition. Your hand can go across the front of the building smoothly. On the other hand the building in my juxtaposition to the left has a really rocky front to it. Trying to rub your hand across it the same way as you may have with the academic building, it would feel rough and rocky no where near as smooth. The structures are also very different because of the times they were probably built. The academic building on the left was most likely built a long time ago where all of the buildings at the time were probably the same. While the building on the right was most likely built in the last decade at least.
Lastly, I believe that each juxtaposition has its own way of portraying a story either by itself or as a unit. I also feel that I have explained each building in its own way along with how they can be seen together and what it means to each person. Each person is a New York just as Colson Whitehead explained in his piece “City Limits”, and besides the land I think this is why New York seems so big to people who are visiting. Everyone has so many different ideas of New York even if they have never been here. Along with the people who have already been in New York who see it while it is forever changing. These New Yorkers have seen so many different New York’s whether it be from stores, moving or new buildings being built, it is all different aspects that helps New York be seen as a very large city. I think that it is an amazing fact that all of us as a class can find a different juxtaposition in just a fifteen minute diameter away from the school and none of them are even close to eachother shows us how many New York’s there really are.

Project #2: reflection

After my experience with project number two, i can say my writing skills have developed quite a sum. Although i do feel i could have done some things diffrently in my writing. I noticed  i do have a few problems  getting off topic in some areas, knowing what the topic  should be focused on. I would be on topic in one paragraph, but then soon i would drift off too far into it, I begin to get off topic all together. Another thing that i can see room for improvement is how i word sentences when i talk under a topic. From time to time, i would word sentences to a point where I begin to lose myself and my train of thought. I want my sentences to be able to follow each other in a way that it its both readable and it makes scence. But hopefully, i will learn from my mistakes and be able to carry this knowledge to my other projects, avoiding to make the same mistakes, and to overall improve my writing skills and thought process.

Eng 1101 Project #2: reflection

For this project we had to take a fifteen minute walk around city tech. Once we found areas that were interesting we recorded all the thing we saw, heard, smell our overall experience there. Then think about Colson Whitehead and his ideas about overlapping New Yorks. Figure out the two New Yorks you would want to compare: Natural vs. Man made, Old vs. New, Under construction vs. Newly constructed ….etc.  Then in the essay compare and contrast the two New Yorks and make a reference back to Whitehead and the reading done in class.

This project was a good chance to get a lay of the land around City Tech and get used to the area. It was also a chance to think about how we see New York and how we experience it as compared to someone else’s. What I learned about myself as a writer was that I don’t really go to much into detail and in this project detail is very necessary especially if you want to make the word count. I did like the fact the walking around aspect of this project. It’s definitely different from any English essay I’ve done before.

Overlapping New Yorks (Refelction)

This is the second project we have done so far. The idea of project two is to help us view New York differently. While I spending my time walking around City Tech, I have discovered the city differently than before. We can apply Colson Whitehead’s idea in “City Limits” to help us have better understanding skill while we walking through location we have chosen. Overlapping is happening every single day in New York, and that cause numerous juxtaposition in the city if we are willing to observe.

Juxtapositions in the city intensively carrying out two different styles between old and new. While we are living in New York, we didn’t expect to see there are still old classical revival style buildings in the ordinary street. With my experience, project two helped me to know around City Tech’s location but also with meaningful idea that applied to Whitehead’s idea. We can always see these old buildings differently if we can observe them from a different perspective.