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Project #1

I’ve been doing art for as long as I can remember, it’s one of the only things I’m truly confident in myself with and that I thoroughly enjoy. I see myself somewhere among the ranks in the gaming industry in 5 years, specifically in story boarding and character design. I really hope to be in a field that has to do with the study of the cosmos, space is a secondary but strong passion of mine. My art style is rooted in horror and sci-fi/fantasy. I get so caught up in detail that I lose myself in it, and that is what I believe my design aesthetic is.

My avatar, being a goat’s face, describes me pretty well. Throughout all of high school and even middle school, my friends would say I resembled one – that it was my spirit animal – and I agreed with them. They’re my favorite animal. I eat everything in sight and my beard is usually atrocious enough to resemble one. As for my header image, it a photograph of our Earth, as taken from the International Space Station. I chose this image because space is what I believe makes me, me. Without it, I wouldn’t have thought of any of my creatures, any of my drawings or sketches. My wonder would have been limited to imagination and everything known to me about this world we live on. I chose it because it represented the endless possibilities around us.

When others look at my profile, their thoughts might be geared toward a different direction. My avatar might be perceived as myself being someone who is evil to some cultures and religions, or that I’m hairy and gross. As for my header image, someone might have said that I’m spaced out all the time. Even that I have aspirations of being an astronaut, or that I’m just insinuating that I’m zoned out all the time.

My ePortfolio will consist of everything I believe is a display of myself progressing towards my goals. It will show my growth as an artist and as a human being, able to expand and contribute to others as well as myself. This is important because without it, I’d have nothing to show for when the time came to, if indeed the time came. Whether its for a job interview that wants to research my work, review my artistic career and progress, or to prove myself as a viable and legitimate artist in this world.

Introducing Myself (Final)

Hi, everyone my name is Hailin Du, but the correct way to pronounce it is HaiLin. I’m an immigration and I came for China. At this point, I’m an 18-year-old studying at City Tech as a freshman. I studied in China before, so I know how to read and listen in both ways of Cantonese and Mandarin. However, I am still improving my English skill in my academic career. I love watching anime but not that much, only few of them such as One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Attack on Titan. I live in Staten Island, so it takes me one and half hour to go to City Tech. White I’m studying in City Tech, I’m still looking for my dream in my life. Choosing advertising design and graphic design is better than choosing some high level math or science. I would be rather to draw whole life instead calculate numbers. For me, I’m not that passion in the design area, but I do believe I’m creative when I have to create something. Well, at this point, I’m still thinking who I am and who I want to become. I don’t have a dream, but I believe trying is better than nothing. However, I’m thinking about to become an entrepreneur of some areas, because I believe working for myself is better than working for others. The question that I’m keep thinking about is what direction I should go and what I want to achieve. If I love designing I may open a studio or company that related to design.

My avatar is a famous character in One Piece. Unfortunately, the author made the character passed away to inspire the main character to get stronger. The name of my avatar is Portgas.D. Ace. The main character and Ace having a brother relationship, even they don’t have the ties of blood. My avatar is showing that he is facing to the ocean and ready to pursue his dream and his dream is dominating the ocean. The whole story of One Piece is about a bunch of young teenager have an adventure in the ocean and also pursuing their dream such as finding the mystery treasure, going around the world, and also gaining the reputation for being a hero in sailing. Ace’s middle name D means the dream. Only few of the powerful characters can have it which proves they are tough enough to pursue their dream no matter what difficulties they are facing. My avatar is showing Ace’s first time sailing, which when he begins his dream. I want to have a dream like the character in One Piece. I do want to take some adventure in my life, however, I’m afraid I will get lost. I really want to be decisive on making decision, but I can’t be decisive as Ace, because I have my family and my life to worry about. However, I will continue thinking about my dream until I find a direction. I believe when I find my direction or my dream, I will just go for it no matter what stopping me. As I mentioned, trying is better than nothing.

While others look at my avatar, they have different consideration of it. They think I’m an anime lover, however, I’m not the real anime lover. I don’t watch manga only watch the TV anime. I only watch a few of them, and right now I’m only watching One Piece, because the other two have ended. In addition, they think my avatar is a strong and confident person. Indeed Ace is a strong and confident person, but I’m not. I’m feeling tire and always want to give up when I facing difficulty. However, in my heart I do want to become like Ace, but I know it is so hard becoming him. As I mentioned, I can’t just walk away and take the adventure. In addition, I don’t have a career direction, and if I do, can I stick to my direction until I success? To be or not to be, that is the question. Other people did correctly predict my avatar’s character’s personality, but my personality is going the opposite way. The reason I putting Ace as my avatar, because he is more significant than the main character in One Piece. He is brave and tough person who willing to stand for any difficulty. Indeed, everyone wants to become like him as a hero, like everyone wants to become rich, however, who can stick to their dream until the end?

The purpose on my profile is prove what kind of person I am. In addition, my profile also can reflect my personality and interests. It is important updating a profile, because the society no matter is in City Tech or NYC, people hiding themselves too much. People need time to meet every person thoroughly. However, my profile can help others to identify who am I and who I want to be, so we can help each other by knowing others’ thought. In the end, I think project number one is an interesting project, because it gives us a chance to know people’s real thought. And I believe, the profile helped me to understand myself, because it gives me a platform to express my emotion.

Ways of Seeing:Project 1

Hello my name is Moeen Razak. I am 18 years old and I attend New York City College of Technology or City Tech for short. I’m studying to be a designer. I’ve always been a designer but now I’m refining my skills.  Since I was small, I’ve always loved watching anime, playing video games, and reading manga. They have helped me be who I am today. They helped fuel my passion for design. I’ve always wondered, why did it end like this, or couldn’t they have made it look like this? I’ve always wanted to make a my very own video game or create my very own cartoon show. One where I could create my own world. It would have all the different ideas I have. It would be an RPG game, since that is my favorite genre. RPG stands for role playing game. It is where you are the character and the story goes on through your decisions. I also have an interest in ancient mythology. I love the ancient stories of heroes and dragons and the different gods. They kinda tie into my love of anime and manga. The only difference is mythology involves culture and history. I find the different cultures of ancient times really fascinating. As you can see I’m a lover of fiction. You practically do anything when talking about fiction. I want to make video games with the many ideas I have.

The picture I chose as my avatar is from an anime I watched about Japanese culture. The picture is about a boy who delves deeper into a world about ancient demons and gods. The picture has some ancient writing and a ancient wolf demon who serves as the boy’s protector. This represents my love of mythology and culture. It also has nice vibrant colors, which represent my artistic nature.

Why did I choose this picture. Many people might be thinking that right now. It can be misinterpreted in many ways. For instance many people can think that this is a random picture off the web that I thought looked cool. Others might say it’s just a cartoon picture. Most people wouldn’t take the time to understand how the picture would represent the person posting it. People might just think that I love anime.

When people see my profile, I want them to see who I am and what I do. They shouldn’t just think I’m a guy who watches tv all day and goes out when he feels like it. People should see I’m a designer. A person who has many ideas and is willing to share them. They should be able to see how much time is put into doing what I like and feel my passion. I believe art is like giving life. When you make something you are creating new life. You are bringing something into world and giving it meaning. Many people can look at art, but few people can actually see its meaning. With this I’m hoping people will see the life I am making.

Project #1: Introducing Yourself

Hello! My name is Priya Maharban and I am 18 years old. I am a freshman at City Tech. My current major is Communication Design because I would like to pursue a career in graphic design. However, that’s not my only interest. I also have an interest in video production. I love to shoot, edit, and produce videos all on my own! I like to make comedy videos such as mini skits. It’s been a hobby of mine since I was 11 years old! I’m also a video game lover. I’m mostly a fan of Nintendo games. Pokemon is my favorite video game franchise. The only other time I play a non Nintendo game is probably when I’m playing PC games on Steam. My favorite video game genres are pretty much RPG and adventure! My favorite video game for years has been Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. I know it’s a little weird that Sonic isn’t fully Nintendo and not Pokemon at all. I guess that just describes a little of my quirkiness! I’ve been playing video games ever since I was a child. They’ve began to inspire me as I grew up and helped me with what I would like to do in the future. A lot of my drawings are usually inspired by games.


My avatar is a picture of a Pokemon. It is my favorite Pokemon which is called “Ampharos”. It is also a fan made drawing that I found on Deviant Art. I love to see other peoples drawings, it inspires me to see those too. Especially if they have to do video video game characters or cartoon characters. The avatar also does give off a cute feeling to it because of the way the artist drew it. It really shows my love for art. Most people would probably see my icon as an anime of video game character, which is the sense that I am going for.


I can see my avatar being misinterpreted in many ways. For a start, there might be someone who’s completely lost as to what my avatar even is. They might not recognize it as a video game character at all. They might not even get a sense of it being something about video games, anime, or even cartoons. Someone could think it’s just a random picture that I found on the internet and know nothing about. I guess there could me a misconception if they only get the thought that I like anime or cartoons from it, since it is beyond that. The background of my avatar is pretty dark and nothing to bright or happy. The person could get the completely wrong idea about my personality by looking at the colors in the background. It doesn’t really have anything to do with the meaning of why I chose the avatar though. I just like the way the artist chose to design it, that’s why I still chose it as my avatar.


The purpose of my avatar is to hopefully show the viewer that I am a Pokemon fan. I know that not everyone would guess that. As long as someone can get a sense of video games, anime, or cartoons then that’s good enough comparing to who I am. For people who do recognize  the character in my avatar I hope that they would probably think that I’m a video game and Pokemon lover. Video games and Pokemon inspire me to draw different characters, which is why it’s an important avatar for me and for others to see. I also hope that the viewer would notice that it is a fan made drawing. It shows that I like other peoples drawings and I myself am an artist. In the future my e-portfolio could convey some of my drawings which are inspired most likely by me playing video games. It’s pretty much a circle of me playing or seeing a game, getting an idea about a drawing, and then drawing out that idea!

English 1101 Project 1 – Bio

I am a freshman at City Tech majoring in Art and Advertising Design. My passion for art and fashion design has grown since I was in middle school. I get inspired by looking at other designs and just by everyday life. When I become inspired I draw or sketch because I want to. That’s my passion. From drawing to fashion design, I wanted to try something new. I’ve never taken an advertising design course but I wanted to expand my options in the arts field. I want to be able to sketch out my designs, actually design them, and market & advertise them. This involves researching, choosing materials and looking at retail samples. I have made a couple of garments with fabric paint and sewing. I’ve also taken apart a shoe and redesigned it. In about five years I want to have made clothes that I can sell online. In ten years I want my own shop to broadcast and sell my finished work and I want a bachelor’s degree in Art and Advertising to help me achieve that.

My consideration for my avatar is a picture of three sketches of models in three different dresses: my design aesthetic. I like designing mostly dresses when it comes to clothing. Each dress is a different color, different style and all three are past the knees. The image represents me in displaying the elegance of the eveningwear and my passion for designing dresses. However that isn’t the only thing I like to draw. For my header on my ePortfolio site I’m considering using a picture of a shoe I drew while attending the High School of Fashion Industries. It’s a pencil drawing of a still life that I used lines and shading to complete. The shoe will represent my passion for art and fashion at the same time.

Other people have different perspectives which is why someone may view my avatar or header differently. It is a picture of 3 Asian models wearing dresses. One might say I have interest in designing specifically Asian clothing based on my avatar. Others might say I actually sketched it, when I didn’t. I would sketch something like this but I wouldn’t take the actual drawing and use it for my own production. I could take ideas from it. For example, the first dress on the left has loose ruffles from the knee to the bottom and a slit on the side to show off her leg. I could design another dress that’s a different color with a slit at the top instead of the bottom and feathers or pleats instead of ruffles. For my header picture, the shoe, one might think I designed the shoe myself when I actually picked up an ugly shoe from a pile of shoes, sat in front of it and sketched it almost the exact same way making it look outstanding.

Overall, my profile is based on basic fashion design and sketching. My passion for drawing started in elementary school, then fashion seriously took my interest in middle school. People like Diane Von Furstenberg inspire me and I want to continue to learn in the Art and Advertising field at City Tech. I hope it can help further my passions and goals. Having fashion design as a profession can better my chances of meeting models and/or other fashion designers. I can’t see myself in any other career so I chose this one. My profile will convey that I’m creative, open minded and willing to do what it takes to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Advertising to move on to a big career.

Project 1 : Introducing yourself

My bio

Includes a lot about me and my dreams. My dreams are very important and I believe its what makes me ,myself. so it first starts about my passions and what I love to do. What I love to do is to adventure. I believe adventure builds my character and helps me figure out who I am, and it is also fun. I also explain how easy going I can be. Even though I love to train myself mentally by meditating and yoga I also pay attention to my physical needs like jogging. The rest of my bio will include my Business ideas and where I see myself in 5 years.

My aesthetic design follows between a cartoon and realistic point of view. I love both realistic and cartoon/ anime style art.I would feel it would be best to practice both. I am also learning that I am also interested in making symbolic art. I like symbolism because I can fit a lot of perspectives into one design or drawing so this means I can make a very strong and meaningful creation. I see myself in 5 years helping my family financially wise and investing in businesses all while helping the community in many different ways. I also see myself very busy with projects in making a novel and/or comic books. I always think of stories and I would love to show people my ‘ inner universe ‘ by giving them  a very impacting story and inspiring others to chase their dreams

My Avatar

includes a rather comical picture of myself eating a piece of chicken chicken with a smile. At first people laugh when they see my avatar and it is what I want. I want to convey that I am very goofy person that loves to make someone laugh. I believe that life is too meaningful to be wasted on negative energy and frowns. my eyes are centered toward the camera to show my confidence in whatever I do.

Misinterpretations Of My Avatar

I can understand on how someone can misinterpret my avatar. In the picture I am wearing a black shirt and  a black hat that can make someone feel that I usually only wear black. One of my interpreters assumed that I was a hipster. I also do not want to convey that even if i coincidentally  dress similar to one.

  My Profile

will convey mainly my goals and work while participating in other peoples profiles and help them if needed. I will also convey an active time on my portfolio in order to pay attention to any given work and to fix my other Projects and assignments that I believe are important. it will also convey a professional but still loose atmosphere.All of this matters because I want to record all of my college progress. I want to do this for future interviews for jobs according to my college major. This will show I have skill and more importantly experience.

Ways of Seeing: Project #1 (Final)

From an early age I’ve had a strong passion for creativity. I consider myself a commercial artist and aspire to become a cartoonist in the next 5 years of my life. My art style has been described as ‘cartoonish’ mixed with elements of anime. Aside from drawing I have found a place for me in many other types of art. Whether it is modeling, dancing, acting or fashion design, my eyes have lit up the same as it did with a paper and a pencil. I feel like my design aesthetic is a sort of ‘bubbly’ attitude into what I do. I get my inspiration from those around me, whether it is my friends or the city I live in. Seeing other art forms and the way it becomes the center of someone’s life has me in awe, and only makes me want to become a part of that. For this reason, although I personally haven’t done a lot of graphic designing, I see myself going the extra mile to have my personality be shown through the work I will create in the future.

For my avatar, I wanted something that let whoever was viewing my page to know what kind of person I was on the creative side. I was skeptical about a few options because they resonated more with what I thought was ‘cool’ and less with who I am as a person. I finally settled on something that was just like me, short, sweet and to the point. It was a pastel themed photo of a pink heart-shaped showerhead. I not only found it to be adorable, but it’s something I felt was ambiguous enough to not just tie me to my drawing, but my whole style in general. It’s pastel pink and mini red hearts are an example of my childish personality. The pastel blue in the back is not only my favorite color, but blue is usually used to represent neutrality. I felt as though it fit me. Using an image which had multiple illustrations seemed like it would only overcomplicate things and make my viewer mystified as to who I really was.

Occasionally, I look at my avatar and think about whoever is viewing my profile. I sometimes assume that a few of them believe I am heavily into interior design. I would not be surprised if someone drew this conclusion from looking at my avatar. I have no interest in becoming an interior designer. I do, on the other hand, see no problem with this assumption. There is so much beauty in interior design. I believe that if my viewer perceives me to be very passionate about this area, they still get the creative aspect and vibe that I want them to get. If I had chosen a picture of a cartoon or a drawing I had made some time ago, a viewer would most likely only see that I am into drawing and nothing else. Either way, the cute pastel colors and shape of the showerhead are still a reflection of my personality.

My profile will convey a general description of my hobbies and interests and my future goals. I want the City Tech community and ADGA department to know my goals and plans and what motivates me to reach them. With potential employers or internship directors, I want them to know what kind of worker I am and what is the fuel behind my passion to succeed. Overall, people will understand that I am very passionate about the subject of art and I want it to be a constant part of my life. It matters to be because I believe giving a clear description of yourself on a profile helps to make sure the right kind of people are choosing to associate themselves with you. The way you explain yourself gives others a mental image on what you’re about and how you’re probably going to communicate with them in the future.

Project #1: Reflections

After completing Project #1 for ENG 1101, write in your Learning Blog about about what you have written. Write a one-paragraph summary of your project. Next, reflect on what you learned by working on this project. What are you most proud of, and what do you think still needs work? In terms of the process of working on this project, what was helpful, and what additional support did you wish you had? Finally, consider how much time you spent on the project, what took the most time, and what knowledge you take from this experience about your writing habits and time management into your next project.

Choose the categories ENG1101 Project #1 and the tag Reflections, plus any other tags you find appropriate.

Project #1 is due at the start of class on Monday, 9/22. Your reflection is due by Tuesday, 9/23, at 10:00am.

Ways Of Seeing: Project #1 ( Final)


It’s hard to know who you are when you realize you are right around the corner of becoming who you want to be. The question is who am I? and what do I really want to be? My name is Natali Agudelo, and I am a designer. I am just in the process of a college student, but beneath that I am an artist that started years ago. I always told myself that, “My visualization of the world equals aesthetic pleasure,”meaning that I combine my ideas and my visualization to a design. Not only do I enjoy designing, but I enjoy taking photographs of the most interesting things I see surrounding me. Most of  my photographs consist of nature and the things that many people do not quite see when they see a photograph or design. As a designer, I see everything, every detail on what a photograph has. I consider myself a designer because I am a visualizer of the world, and with that power I am capable to show the world that I make art. I  see myself in a couple of years as a professional Graphic Designer, working in a company and maybe a freelancer, who knows. I want to  travel the world and do projects there, as well as  taking beautiful photographs that will blow people’s minds.

The avatar I chose is a photograph of myself in the Brooklyn Bridge Park. This avatar describes me in so many different ways, most importantly as a photographer. In the background is what I call, “The Nature Environment,” because I was outside visualizing what nature is. The grass, water, rocks, trees and so on. Since I am a designer, not only do I design eccentric art, but I put my photography in it.  In this  photograph, I am looking at something in the way I positioned myself, and that makes me a curious person. I always want to know what is this, or that. That is how I also gain ideas to create something. Being curious doesn’t always kill the cat, sometimes its good because you will find something that is useful in your life.

Why did she take a selfie for her profile picture? Many people might think or ask that question. Well, it’s definitely not a selfie, it’s more of a representation of me. Some may not understand it, others may just like it, and some may not. They might ask where was I? Or “Why is it in black and white?  The photograph is in black and white because in this case it has a meaning me and what it expresses a lot. Many people might wonder how it might look in color or other filters. Others might think I want to be a model, or maybe interested in being one. So, in this case there is a lot of interpretations about my avatar, but there is always that one answer . My answer to those who are wondering why; the meaning is deeper than just a look. Look closely, and you will see a better meaning to it.

When people see my profile, I want them to see what I do. I may just be a girl from New York City, and going to school and drinking Starbucks everyday. Honestly, that is not really who I am in the inside, I am beyond that, I am a designer. I will show the world my sketches, my photographs, and my designs. I will even show them how much time I spend on something that I am really getting into . There will be photos of me discovering more of this world, maybe travel to an interesting place. I don’t know what will I post at times, but I know that my work will make people enjoy it and keep coming to see more. Doing this is important to me, because I am making art, and by doing that I am doing a big impact to people. Art is just not something to glance, is something to visualize and see what that person meant to do and what is the message they are trying to send to the world. I think that art is right in front of your eyes, just dig in deeper and you will find your own place. I want the world to jump in my imagination and see what is going on inside my creative brain and from that, they can gain their creative world inside their heads and show it to the world.

Finally, it was hard to figure out who I wanted to be, but it was clearer when steps got bigger. Trying to figure out who you really are is pretty hard, but you know who you are when you feel that connection with something that you enjoy doing. That’s why I know who I am, and I hope now everyone knows who I am and what I do. I am just starting, but I am never ending, and that is a fact!


Introducing Yourself-Ways of Seeing(Revision)

Hello my name is Alexander Guerrero and I’m a freshman at City Tech who is attempting a major in Graphic Arts. What do I hope to achieve this year? I hope to grow as an artist and as a person. As for my aesthetic I would consider it to be cartoony with a hint of realism, what influenced this? Well mainstream Japanese culture did, I’ve always loved the way anime tells stories that can be bittersweet. What makes me passionate? Video games and seeing others do great things! Just seeing how people draw amazing creations on the internet gets me in the mood to make my own concepts. Now why video games? I’m passionate about video games because just like books they are able to take you into new worlds with an added interaction books just normally aren’t able to provide. As a novice artist who is learning art truly for the first time I can’t say I have a plan, but I do have an idea of what I want to do in life. One of my goals in life is to do charity work through organizations like Child’s play or Extra life that raises money through video games.

What brought about choosing a eagle as my avatar?  In reality it’s the traits this bird posses that I hope to emulate in my life. One of these traits is fearlessness and the way they’re able to take on a challenge without being afraid. Another trait they posses is vitality and their desire to keep on living. Their tenacity is also another trait and their ability to take risks in where others would move out of the way. Lastly is their ability to nurture their young and their patience towards them. In my eyes the eagle is a true example of a leader and is a paradigm I strive to be because leaders grow along with their peers and strive to bring out their full potential. While there is more characteristics that portray them as leaders, these are the ones that stand out to me the most in relation to what I was taught as a child by my parents. These are the main reasons as to why I chose the eagle as my avatar not to mention it looks as if it’s smiling which also gives it a gentle aura of some sort.

While it’s rather difficult to misinterpret my avatar due to what an eagle means. However some people might assume that I’m aggressive seeing how eagles are birds of prey. Another assumption people might take into part is that I’m patriotic but this isn’t exactly the case since I don’t exactly take my home country all that seriously, though world events do peak my interest. However some people might take the eagle into a negative context by attaching stereotypes of a typical American. What some people might assume is my ethnicity but then again it doesn’t bother me all that much , overall in my opinion it is rather difficult to misinterpret my avatar.

This e-portfolio means quite to me it stands as a record to who I am in the beginning of the year to who I become at the end of the semester. I want to convey the image of a person willing to grow and constantly keep on advancing. I hope that this e-portfolio shows my growth and progress to becoming a smarter and overall better individual who will one day become a contributing individual of society. This portfolio will be my legacy that I will leave behind and will shape who I am in the future.