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My Bio Project#1: Reflection

Throughout the time of completing this project, i feel that i have learned a lot from it. In completing this project, ive learned that when you are writing a paper, no matter the topic or subject, you should always take the time to think about what to write in it, and organize those idea’s in a draft, giving an even better idea for your final draft. Probably the one aspect im proud of when it comes to my work is the amount of detail i put into my work, although i still think it could use a bit more detail. As to points where i can use work on, i could work on using a more complex vocabulary, rather than break everything down into simple words. Another aspect i could woork on is trying not to explain a main point so breifly, when it comes to writing about a important event, you should take your time and add all the important details, so the reader can get a better scence of the situation and why that specific event was so important. Probably my number one aspect that needs work is gettimg my work in on time, since that is probably the number one aspect everyone needs when they apply a job and are under a time limit with a project or report.

Reflection and Life(?)

The very first project at I’ve had to do here has been very interesting. I feel as though it was a good way to help “break the ice” and it’s only natural that during the first few weeks and days of starting this chapter in our lives, that we feel awkward around all these new people  whom we’ve probably never known had the same interests as us. Post-project number one, I feel that I can now talk to my fellow classmates with much better ease rather than small-talk and the usual ‘hey what’s up’ clichĂ©. We all now have a sense of what we are like outside the classroom not so much as classmates but as friends. I probably couldn’t exactly express myself as well as everyone else but I hope that it doesn’t make me seem like an outsider.

It feels a lot different making a post on here rather than on a piece of paper to be collected and graded because on here I feel better writing. It may seem contradictory to what I had  mentioned previously, but in a some ways I feel more at liberty and I’m glad that we are given this opportunity to reflect on ourselves.

Personally, I really am not much of a blogger, though I will put in the effort to try and make ‘good’ posts on here regularly, as well as to perhaps see what everyone else is up to …

Introducing Myself (Summary and Reflection)

Finally we overcome the first project in the first three weeks of college. The first project helped our classmates to understand each other. In addition, it provides a platform to help us introducing ourselves more effective and more convenient than in the class. I also believe Project #1 helped ourselves to understand our inner thought and learning from each other. The knowledge I learned from this project is the picture will reflect how is a person will be. However, pictures also can be interpreted differently in different view. At this point, this is my first time doing my free writing, because in high school, there are many rules to follow to complete an essay such as following details to support the thesis or related to certain topics. I believe the new experience of writing will help me to become a better writer.

In the Project #1, there are many interesting parts we can talk about. First, I feel proud of myself that I can express all my shortcoming through writing. However, I still believe that I have to improve my writing skill such as structure, vocabulary words, and grammar issues. While I finished my draft, I feel happy and helpful when other students comment my essay, because I can make improvement on the final work. However, I hope Professor Rosen can give me some professional opinions about my essay, so I can make improvement on the next project. In the end, I want to mention about that I have spent 45 minutes to an hour to finish the project. The part that takes most of my time is brain storming, because convert an outline to an essay requires thinking skill and writing skill. Clearly, the next project I will try to improve my writing skill and also try to brain storm more interesting details to support my next project.

Project #1 Reflection

From working on the first project of the semester, I have learned plenty about my peers and even myself. I am most proud of the fact that I am able to establish a representation of myself. I was able to convey to an audience the kind of person I am through a simple avatar. At times it may have been a bit tedious, however, it was what allowed me to acquire more knowledge about my peers while at the same time sharing about myself. The feedback that I received from some of my classmates guided me in the process leading up to the finished product. In terms of time, the biography was most time consuming. This was the point where I had to introduce myself to my peers as if I was making a first impression. The information I have learned from this project can be used to help me along with the next. Habits such as reading over my own work, as well as having others look over it, is a clever technique in making sure my writing is at it’s best. This can be very valuable to use in the future.

Summary of Project #1

Project#1  was mostly for us to have the chance to introduce ourselves and share our personally interests/goals. There were a few steps to do this project correctly in 4 paragraphs. First paragraph,  We need to have a bio, which is about yourself or what you’re deeply passionate or interested in. The professor requested that we add our bio in our profile, so, others can read and get to know more about the person. Second, put our official profile picture or as professor states, “avatar” that represents who we are and personality. Need enough details and explain how the image represents you. Third, have consideration on how the image can be interpreted differently. Like how can someone might understand your picture differently than what you mean. Fourth,  share what’s completed image will convey about you overall.

All of these have to be posted on our eportfolio, catorgarized as ENG1101 Project#1.

Ways Of Seeing: Project #1 Reflections

After completing Project #1, I feel very accomplished. This project consisted of just writing about yourself and who you want to be. I think it was a very interesting project because a lot of people don’t know who they are or who they want to be, but this project makes you think and realize who you are. Within this project, peers would read and give you ideas or feedback of what you wrote. This was a very helpful method because I fixed my essay and included more details than it had before. It was okay to be eccentric in a good way, it was about yourself so go for it! When I made my own revision, I thought it was well done. Maybe I could include more vocabulary words, but I thought what I wrote is exactly who I am and people know who I am once they read this.  I didn’t take so much on time on this project except one thing…. and that was writing of who I really am. Like i said before, its hard to write who you are when you really don’t know fully who you are. But, after this project, and after experimenting more that consisted of what I love to do, I know who I am if anybody asked. So, in total it tok a week, with revision and feedback from peers, but in general I would say an hour for the final piece.  For my next project, I want to accomplish it with more vocabulary words, and more detailed work. I hope next project would be as fun and interesting like Project #1 was.

My Bio Project #1: Final Draft

My name is Kevin Ayala, I’m 17 years old and currently studying in City Tech for a major in graphic design an advertising. Ever since I was a child, I was always passionate about drawing, no matter what I did , I would always doodle about small thoughts that would pop into my head. Majority of the time, these thoughts were inspired from playing video games so much, since that would be the one thing I would always do whenever I had free time . Other times, it would be about cartoons I would watch on television. These two sources of entertainment were the main inspirations I had that began my passion for drawing and creativity.

From every game I played, or every cartoon I watched, I would always have a keen eye for the detail of the characters and the creators style of drawing them, since many are unique. Their appearance, art style, and characteristics were all main points I would always consider when I drew something out of the inspiration I got from it. Throughout my time in school, I would always meet new people that would give me even more inspiration or suggestions for my artwork, not only improving my work, but creating a stronger passion for drawing. Before I knew it, I already had my mind set to what I wanted to do in the future as I grew up. I wanted to take my love of drawing, and create a career out of it. I go by a saying i grew quite fond of, “If it’s something you love to do, go for it”

In five to ten years from now, I see myself as a concept designer either for television, game making, or advertising. I want to be able to present my portfolio to someone with confidence, and show them what kind of ideas I have for a project or an idea for an on going one. Just the thought of seeing something that I created in the public eye of millions gets me exited to do what I love.

My profile and avatar shows that drawing and sketching is what I want to do, and how I’m driven to do so. My avatar represents myself, drawn in a sketch, showing that I love to draw, hence the pencils and eraser next to the drawing. I left it uncolored, showing that I’m still incomplete, I still have a lot to learn before I can actually go out there and express myself to businesses and companies. People will see this through my portfolio, as it shows my development throughout my time in City Tech. With these new learned techniques, i can show my future employers that i am ready to work and ready to show what i have to offer to their future operations as a graphic designer.

Project #1: Reflections

After being introduce to project #1 and understanding what we needed to do, we finally finished and able to move on. In project #1, I describe who I am and how my avatar became to be. I really force more on my myself, which I mention were I came from and what I enjoyed. The following paragraphs, I later describe what my avatar is and what it represent. My avatar is simple but like I mention there is a million ways how I see myself with that image. There might be other images that I could of used but the image of a camera I felt that it was who I was as a person than any other. I was able to follow the guidelines however it was difficult to try to remind in the same topic. However, I really enjoy making this project and I know it will come helpful later on the following projects.

The first project helped each classmate understand and know one another. We got to understand each individuals avatar and what it represents to one. I learned a valuable lesson and what I’m most proud of, I believe project #1 helped find our self.  It got us using our brain and thinking mentally as toward who we are and what we want the world to know us. The image we used for our avatar helped establish our thought together. It allowed us to describe what we see and what might other think. What I still need more help in is thinking as a third person, it was hard for me to think like how would someone else view me. What I really wish the most was if people would have commented more on my project. During the making of this project I spend almost a week re-reading my work if it made an sense. The most time it took was writing as a third person thinking how people will view my avatar. However, project #1 really helped me and hopefully using this it will allow me to think mentally in all my writing later on the future.



Introducing Myself

Hello, My name is Cheng Long Lin however I prefer just to be called Cheng. I was born in New York City but raised in Fuzhou, China until the age of five. I live in the east village which is in lower Manhattan an area with a lot of night life, many food places, and entertainment. Also City Tech is relatively close to my house, it only takes me 15 minutes to arrive to Jay St on the F train which helps since I have morning classes and I’m not a morning person. There are really only four things I like the most Video games, Sports, Anime/Manga, Music. I’m am a junkie for these things, when I get into anything related to any of these subjects I won’t stop. I’ve invested a lot of my time playing video games such as Dota, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Archeage, Counter strike, etc etc… one of my favorite video game series is Final Fantasy I’ve played almost every one. Even though I play a lot of video games I do play a lot of sports as well. I was Anchor for my high school PSAL fencing team, ran track and field, and I also like to play basketball and handball. For Anime or Manga you name it I’ve seen, read, or heard about it. A few of my favorites are Full Metal Alchemist, Spice & Wolf, Code Geass. As for what kind of music I listen to, I just listen to many different kinds almost every genera, however recently I’ve been listening to a lot of EDM.

The reason why I chose to enroll in Art & Advertising Design was that I had no idea what I wanted to do but I liked Art and was good at it, I made it on the Chancellor’s Honor Roll. So I thought that would be a start. I really liked painting it feels to me that its the most free form of art and is unrestricted. Although I primarily like to paint I’ve also worked with different mediums as well such as Charcoal, Linoleum Cut, Conte Crayon. I don’t know what I will be doing in five to ten years but I believe it will be something that alows me to have freedom to work in a fashion I enjoy to allow me to be creative.

My avatar is a digitally edited photograph of a pair of Converses tied to a tree. As for the reason why I chose it, well I just really liked it. The vibrant greens and the shades of white that makes look blurry almost like a waking dream. Another reason why I chose this avatar is that it reminds me of my days is North Carolina, nice and peaceful sitting under trees. Well as for what this avatar should show people is that I like artistic alterations to photographs, it’s dreamlike, and its vague.

My profile is to give people a peak of who I am, it shows people what I’m interested in and what I enjoy doing. Creating a profile might have been an important step to opening myself up to other people, since people are always so kept towards themselves now a days.