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Completed Color Wheel

Took 3hrs to complete but I really needed to save paint for future work.

Took 3hrs to complete but I really needed to save paint for future work.


My first thought on this was honestly, “I have to use paint again”. I was sort of complaining to myself about using paint again, but I had to give in and accept the fact that I have to do this. I did enjoy mixing/experimenting the colors and feeling like I got he hang of it. My hands aren’t the most steadiest hands, which I find very annoying, but I try to not rush into it and try to stay a little neat. But you can find some parts on it that’s a bit messed up. Anyway, I’m just glad that I’ve finished the best I can. (I forgot to add the colors around the fish by the way.)

Project#3 Reflection

This project has brought out more of a creative side to my work. I honestly never would of thought of doing something such as a collage that would take as much planning as it did. I found that the painting portion of the collage was difficult for me because I could not get it to fully resemble the original collage. However, physically cutting out pieces of my picture to create a form of abstract art was time consuming. But in the end you get what you want and would be satisfied with it. In my opinion the photo shop creation of my collage was the most fun once I learned exactly how to work with the program.

Project#3: Critique

In Project 3, I have learned that how a picture can be affected from light to dark. In addition, the concept of low-key and high-key can always give different feelings to people. Within the concept, I know a picture needs a focal point. We can use light, dark, or narrow range values to support this highlight by making the contrast on the values. I do enjoy creating collages from piece to piece, however, I found that is so hard to get an accurate measurement on collages. It is also difficult for me on painting, and creating perfect digital collage. I hope I can improve my crafting skill, to make a perfect measurement on next project.


Summary for ADV1100 (Monday’s class 11/3/14)

In Monday’s class Professor Spevack talked about the last parts of Project #3 and what else we needed to do for it.  One or two students had their final projects already on their 14×17 Bristol board so professor used those as an example to demonstrate what our final of Project #3 should look like. The collages should have already been done by hand (and painted too). Other than that, students who had laptops brought their’s in because we worked on Photoshop for most of the time in class and there wasn’t enough computers for everyone. Each student was supposed to use the picture of their original portrait, download it on the computer, upload it to Photoshop and recreate it exactly how they did it with the scissors and tape so the after piece will be a hand made version and a digital version. Everything for Project #3 is due on Wednesday. We also talked about Project #2 because a lot of people were missing a big chunk of it- the animated mash-up. So professor also went over that step by step, demonstrating in class an example of creating an animated mash-up so even those who aren’t familiar or are having trouble with Photoshop can understand it. Overall we didn’t use our sketch books that day we were mostly on the computer working on Project #2 or Project#3.