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View From My Window: Assessment

After completing the first project for ADV1100 I’m more excited for future projects. This first project was very interesting. The hardest part was honestly making the outlines for the boxes for both the inked thumbnails and the cut outs. Next to that would be cutting with the x acto knife. If I could go back I would probably use scissors more than I did the x acto knife just to make my work a little neater. Seeing the process of the entire project was really interesting to me. To see how not only my work, but how the entire class went from sketches to eliminating those into 6 inked thumbnails. Then eliminating 2 of the inked thumbnails into 4 big paper cut outs. Seeing the process on everyone e-portfolio’s was cool. The critique in class went very well. I like how much feedback each classmate gave to their peers. All of the feedback could be used to keep in mind to help for future projects. I learned a lot about ambiguous and stable figures which I know will be very helpful in the future. Overall I probably spent about 5 hours on the project in total. The sketches in the very beginning took about 30 minutes. Making the outline for the inked thumbnails took an hour! It got a little annoying to get the outline right but it was definitely worth it! The drawing and inking took me about another hour. After that making the outline for the paper cut outs once again took an hour, I guess I still wasn’t used to it! Then drawing, cutting, and gluing the papers took about an hour and a half. It was really worth it to spend this much time on the project though. The more time the better it might turn out to be too! This project was very fun and interesting and I’m excited for the future projects!

View From My Window : Critique/Assessment

To be honest, I thought this project would be pretty easy to do at first, but as we started to really get things together, that turned my whole perspective around.

This is my first project in this class and it provides a lot of hard work and focus. I didn’t think it would be that hard. When I mean hard, I mean frustrating, but I guess that’s what art is suppose to be. It’s not always going to easy breezy. Shockingly I enjoyed the hard work (even though it took me 4 1/2 half hours to do the final work and made my hand & fingers cramp up) it was all worth it to get a decent grade.

I learned that things like this take patience and time to finish. Also, good planning each step successfully. I got to learn more about the economy and unity in my images that helped me see what belonged to makes everything come together as one, but also have less of the meaning to what it is. (Less is more).  Even the two famous words in he class, stable & amibigious. Those two would be the main vocabulary words I’m going to be using this semester.

I’m sort of excited for waits coming next!

ADV1100 Project #1: Reflection

This project was a mix of both easy and hard. The thumbnails both inked and not inked were pretty easy to make. Although measuring out the frames for the inked thumbnails was a pain. Overall I think the final product came out pretty well. I spent a lot of time trying to make sure i cut the edges as straight and as neatly as possible. My classmates didn’t have a lot of criticism during the critique which is a shame. I feed off constructive criticism if you think I could do something better you should tell me I appreciate the help.


12 thumbnails: 30 min

6 inked thumbnails: 1:30 min

Final project: 2:45 min

Total time sent: 4:45 min

View from My Window: Assessment

In the class, I have received many comments on my final work from other students. Most of them like the idea in the inking. However, as I mentioned in the critique, I had made a dramatic change from inking to crafting. As a result, the idea didn’t come out perfectly like the inking. Fortunately, I was able to create two stable figures and two ambiguous figures, and the ambiguous figures were able to confuse most of the students. However, some of them said I shouldn’t zoom in of one of the stable figure. In addition, they said I shouldn’t change the background color from black to white, because black background can easily bring out the stable figure. And another important comment on the ambiguous figure is I should follow the idea from the inking, so I could make the shadow perfectly and it brings out the concept effectively. Those comments are very useful and I like receiving more comments from other students in the future. In the end, I believe the experience and the comments from Project #1 will help me to improve in the next project.

View from My Window: Critique

Finally, we finished all the steps for Project #1. In Project #1 I have learned new vocabulary words in the design area, and I understand how to identify a picture is obvious figure or ambiguous figure. In addition, the concept of unity and economy also helped me to how to view art differently. However, during the progress of the steps, I found out that my drawing skill and crafting skill are not careful enough. The edge and the shape could be done better if I was able to handle some materials perfectly such as scissor and inking pen. Furthermore, I will do better at planning on my steps, because I made a dramatic change from inking to crafting. In the end, I will try to avoid all the mistakes I had made and apply the concepts from Project #1 to the next project.

View from My Window: Assessment


As I mention before in my View from My Window: Critique, throw out making project#1, I learned how to use new things that will help in later throughout  the course for Graphic Design Principles.

While in class, many students had to get feedback from other students I was thankful to receive some. One classmate mention how you can tell which are the 2 stable and which are the 2 ambiguous. Another, mention how I should have done a neat cutting with the exacto knife. If the building was straight than cut the the paper straight unless the building had a curve. Someone said my cut out of my car (lower right corner) you could tell it was a car however just remove the road. They also mention that using an inking pen to make a border made the image more visible. I liked the comments that I received in class because people were honest when they commented. I believe the comments will help me improve with my work later on the future and also if I decided to redo  my project to make it stronger.