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The summary of “What If You Could Choose Between The Fastest Route and the Most Beautiful?”

The article “What If You Could Choose Between The Fastest Route and the Most Beautiful?” is issued on July 17, 2017 from the Atlantic Citylab. The text is basically focused on which route is the better route for the user. The main purpose is to find more interesting route to go to. It will just take a little more time and also can make people feel more satisfy and quiet. Researcher from Barcelona and University of Torino form a group of researcher to do the research. The research took place at London. First research given two place and ask people which one do you find more beautiful? Then the researcher received input from more than 3,000 people over the four month at the beginning of September 2012. They also enlisted some people familiar with London to be the judge. They made shortest, beauty, quiet, and happy path map. The experiment shows the beautiful and quiet, happy route only takes seven minutes more then the fastest route. There are some people that don’t get charmed by that, but researcher has their ways of idea. Researcher wants to let people notice the well being of their city, and explore their city. Ultimately the experiment has proved that if people choose more seven minuets then can find the beauty, quite and happy of city.


Morbidly: Adjective

Definition: abnormally susceptible to or characterized by gloomy or unwholesome feelings.


I found this word from a article “ The Boston Photographs ” this word in the article means that a bad mood in a place. It used personification to describe the social negativity phenomenon.

Now, I understood this word: It can use in two different situations. One is description a person is sick. On the other side it describe the social spirit.




View From My Window:Research

This will be my research: view from my window. At the first glence what attracted me is the telegraph pole. This is the wood pillars and tilts. I always felt like it is this might fell one day. There are a lot of wires on the pole, every wire is strait hanging in the sky. Look down from the window there are a yard of plant. My family planted those. There are many kind of plants such as sunflower, elliptic small tomato,and rosemaries;ect. Some will be wrapped around a stick up for plants to grow. These plants make me feel life is full of color. also look  out of my window is Kissena Blvd. Many cars go back and froth, it is nonstop action. the sound makes me feel new york never goes to sleep.


Juxtaposition: noun

Definition:  the act or an instance of placing two or more things side by side; also  :  the state of being so placed.


I found this word from my project#2 overlapping New York direction handout. This word is very important in my project#2 because I Need to use this word to describe the location.

Now, I understand this word: In the same place with different angle to observe, it will have different feel  this is called juxtaposition.



Converge: Verb

Definition: To move toward one point and join together : to come together and meet.

Source form

I think I can encountered this word when I want to meet my friend at some where. I also knew this word from my science class. For example, “Everything that rises must converge.” by – Flannery O’Connor

Now I am understand this word from the passage, Even from age of Renaissance people can even express them self with art and illustration, they can see the meeting point of our view to the vanishing point of the deeper meaning of the art. Its a comparison of the distance and how much we understand.

Field Trip Reflection :BRIC


Last Wednesday I went on a trip with our class. We went to visit the Bric Media House; the museum was not that far away from our school. Even though the journey was more far away than I imagined, but the good thing was that the weather is very good. When I entered the museum. My first impression was the museum very large, and full of art. One of the most attractive art pieces to me was the little wooden box, because I’ve never heard the sound and I never saw it before. When I walked into the small space, I was very scared, because I entered a dark space, and the door was closed, it feels very strange. But when I close my eyes, I listened to the music with my heart; I almost thought I was in an other dimension. There was a forest, many birds were singing in the land of a huge waterfall in the surrounding. And I in the dark cases painted this scene, although can’t draw very well, but that piece of beauty will always in my mind. At the end I really like this place, I hope could go back one day, maybe one day My creation can be out here as well.




Project #1: Reflections

My first project on ENG1101 is an introduction of myself. This is a detailed introduction, is not just some simple thing about me. I usually introduce my self to other people just simply by telling them my name and my age. Even so the project gave me an unforgettable experience. This is my first time of me trying to writing it down to describe my self and use the way of writing to know about my classmates. During project one, I was very confused to choose my avatar. Because the avatar is the first impression my classmates will look at me as. But it does not mater if somebody does not understand my avatar because I will explain my avatar in the fallowing essay. I rarely use the computer so the computer operation is a bit difficult for me. Luckily I have a friend that knows how to use computer, and he is willing to teach me. Overall this is a good experience, I learned quilt a lot knowledge during project#1, learned how to better introduce myself, vocabulary, and learned some computer operating skills. Next, I hope I will have greater progress in writing, vocabulary and computer operating skills.

Summary for ENG: 9/22

At the first half hour we talked about The reflection of project#1, Then we got a handout for Project#2: Overlapping New York. It is something like exploring New York City, knowing its history and good and bad. Half-hour later, we prepared for the trip. We took the R train and got off at 28th street. Then we walked to a place called Book Arts on 28 West 27th St. when we arrived there, we separated and looked around.  Although we can visit freely, but we could not touch the art works. There was a guy who walked around with us during our visit, He told us the history of the printing process and printing Knowledge. He also explains the different ways of binding books to us. One way was to use the adhesive glue to fixed book. Another way was to use bind to strengthen book. When he finished the introduction of book, It Is almost towards to the end of the Book art visit. Then we walk to 141 West 17th Street. We started the visit from 6th floor. It is about Indian culture and art. Overall we still cannot take picture of the art works, but we could sketch the artwork. The artworks over there are not only images and the old place adorn. Where each work of art is not the first time visit to understand, should use some of your imagination to understand. The end of the sixth floor visiting, students could choose to continue to visit downstairs artwork, or go home. In conclusion it’s a buzzy day, but it is defiantly worth coming back.