Project 4 Self-Evaluation; Reflection

Project 4 was given to us at the end of November about a week before Thanksgiving break. The proposal was to take a walk and to create a route that deviates from the route to City Tech. We all had to come up with a variation upon leaving the train station and to take a more serene route. Similar to Project 2 which involved taking a walk in a given direction for fifteen minutes and to document what the path looked, felt, and smelt like. Unlike that project, this time we were more specific at our surroundings and environment in a more enclosed area per-say.

Project 4 felt a lot more simpler to do in the sense that it was more up front in what the directions were. Coming up with an alternate route to City Tech seemed like a much easier task than to document a random walk. This of course is my opinion. The amount of time invested in this project was fair in the amount of time we were given to start with. Planning the route from scratch took at most a few hours. Starting with the route I normally took to school it seemed easier to deviate in a certain direction. There was an area that I had begun to familiarise myself with such as Borough Hall and the Brooklyn Heights area.

Writing things down such as the description of the walk and the directions to and fro, took some time. It took a while to get things together because I felt it was too simple and needed a bit of a ‘something’ for lack of a better word. The walk time also had to be adjusted because it did not factor in certain climatic conditions such as rain, snow or sleet.

I personally don’t feel I excelled in any specific part of this assignment.

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