The Route

The quickest route for a person from the train station to City Tech (and vice versa) is always the busiest but most preferred. However having the option to go another route would only be ideal if the person gets something out of it, whether it be happiness, quietness, beauty, nature or history. The route I took with my best friend was from City Tech to the Borough Hall train station. What I was looking for on this route maximizes quietness and nature and is about an extra 10 minutes walking to the train station.

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Leaving City Tech, we start by going down Jay Street towards the Jay Street-Metro Tech subway station. Instead of going into the station before getting there we turn right- into the little passageway between the Marriott Hotel building and the MTA New York City Transit building. It’s a windy path with a courthouse building but has benches, outlets and neat arrangements of plants and trees all around until the end of the path which opens out to Adams Street. Cadman Plaza Park is our next destination as we make a right onto Adams Street and start walking towards Tillary Street. Making a left on Tillary Street we make a right into the park walking around and taking pictures. It has a big open green field of grass. Standing in the park you can see the United States Court House and the Empire State Building. This was around after 5:00pm so it was a little dark and the building was lit up. The park also has a pathway of tall trees that arch inward as you walk through. Exiting the park on Cadman Plaza West we see the Clark Street train station where the 2 train is. We walk back, to Borough Hall passing Columbus Park on Cadman Plaza East and Johnson Street. Columbus Park is less attractive than Cadman Plaza Park. It has trees bushes and grass that’s not so green and is surrounded by a bunch of buildings, some old, some new, all gray. Even though there’s some nature here, nature isn’t always attractive.

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