The Nations of The World

If need be, this will be removed…

This is unrelated to class, but one that I feel is worth mentioning. The flags of various countries of the world were showcased in the lobby of City Tech. I’m not exactly sure why. Strangely I couldn’t find our American flag. Many countries I recognised right away such as, Honduras, South Africa, Uruguay, Spain, Taiwan, Ghana, Costa Rica, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Croatia, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, China, Somalia, Ireland, Uganda, Mali, Australia, New Zealand, Palestine, North Korea, Ukraine, Germany, Algeria, Chile, Nigeria, Jamaica, Suriname, Singapore, Israel, Aruba, Japan, Mexico, Peru, and Argentina. A beautiful sight showing the wonderful designs of all these countries’ flags. I do hope they stay in the first floor.

The flag of the Netherlands
Though I am not a big fan of their football team for eliminating my teams, Mexico and Costa Rica during the 2014 FIFA World Cup: Brazil  last summer, I still like the design of flag of the Netherlands.

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