Project 4:Direction & Detour

After the lovely rain of yesterday, I have to say, today’s weather was awful! However, I still took the detour which was on my today’s schedule, even though it was only 25 F outside.

I planned to walk to Brooklyn War Memorial because it looks like a park on the map, or walk all the way down to Brooklyn bridge. Unfortunately, I approached  neither.  I went to the opposite direction on Tillary St, it was a quite neighborhood. So I went back to find a right direction.  I change my destination a little bit. I made a right on Flatbush Ave which is to the Manhattan bridge. I didn’t go any bridge in the end because I really cannot stand the fierce wind, so I went back to campus. Anyway,  I found a beautiful triangle shape of safe island around Nassau St.

I think I probably will redo the detour, tomorrow.  Wish tomorrow will be a nice weather!

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