Class 10: library session, Project #2 peer feedback

Please remember that we will not meet in our classroom on 10/8, but instead just outside the library, which is on the 4th floor of the Atrium building. If you are late, you will have some trouble finding us. The majority of our session will be held in A540, a classroom on the 5th floor that is only accessible by first entering the library on the 4th floor. Walk straight ahead, up the stairs, make a right at the top of the stairs, and then your next right. I trust that everyone will make his or her best effort to be on time, unless we already spoke about different arrangements.

Our library session will use as its subject the topic of photography, as we discussed in class on Monday. Come prepared with search terms you are interested in using to shape your research on photography. You will learn how to make those search terms work for you in a variety of research venues (the Internet, the college’s book holdings, all of CUNY’s book holdings, and the college’s database subscriptions). We will merge our efforts together into a collaborative annotated bibliography. For more information about what an annotated bibliography is, read about it on the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) site.

You should continue working on Project #2. To help you revise your drafts (which you should have already posted on your ePortfolio with the category ENG1101 Project #2 and the tag draft), please offer your classmates useful, encouraging feedback:

  • DUE end-of-day Thursday:
  • Read the drafts that two of your classmates posted on their ePortfolios.
  • Reply with a well-developed comment to each of them that answers the following three questions about each paragraph:
    • What do you understand?
    • What do you not understand, or need clarified?
    • With our interest in simplicity and economy in mind, what if anything is extraneous?
    • What if anything is missing?
  • Due end-of-day Friday:
  • Read the comments on your draft and write a post on your ePortfolio a checklist of revisions you plan to make based on your peers’ feedback. Use the category ENG1101 Project #2 and the tag Peer Feedback.

If you have questions about Project #2, please come see me in my office during office hours, Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:00-3:00.

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