My Walk Through Brooklyn

I decided to take my walk in the general direction of the waterfront. So, as you leave campus through the Jay street entrance, make a right, and go straight until you see the first street to the city and family court. Instead of crossing, make another right and head straight up that street where all of the loading trucks usually park. Cross the 2 sets of streets that hold what seem to be home to the main traffic of the entire borough. Keep straight by the post office until you reach Columbus park. Head down towards the Borough Hall station, or the Barnes and Noble down that way. Once you get the chance to, cross the street with a right turn. Walk straight down past all of the old looking homes and storefronts lined with green trees. A few blocks down you should be passing a court made of white slab, contrasting against the old brownstones around it. After another 5 minutes or so you should be at my destination, the waterfront. From here, you can see Manhattan’s southern skyline. This is where my cities juxtaposed. The view of Manhattan without the Trade Center that I KNOW was there, and a view where I knew it was not. It was sort of an empty experience, since ever seeing the trade center was always a blur. I remember it being there but over time I mostly remember it not being there. Two cities clashing and coexisting at one point.

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