Project 2

My Trip after school on my way home. Well my location is pretty far but for most of the time my location is either at home or at work. Where i work is probably a few miles away maybe like 3-4 miles away. As I leave school i walk out of the main entrance where almost everyone enters City Tech. Then I walk to the right where i believe is the court building pass jay street and walk pass the food stand and keep walking straight pass the Starbucks, pass the art store and keep walking straight and skip the train and just keep walking all the way straight until you reach Fulton mall. Where there’s a lot of stores. You see another Starbucks, i think a models, and right before you see those stores right when your walking towards Jay street and Fulton mall there’s a pizza shop right on the corner. From the pizza shop i make a turn on my right and walk down pearl street,  then walk like two blocks until you get to Boerum PL. Then make a left on Boerum PL and cross the street and stay on the left side. When i see a building with a painting on it that looks sort of like a map that shows the stops means im going the right way even though i wont get lost because i always walk that way.  So i keep walking along Boerum Pl and i see building that is under construction and it is the New York Transit Authority and in front of it is a bus stop its the B62 bus.  SO i keep walking straight like 3 block past this like daycare playground where i see little kids sometimes. On the last block before i make another turn there’s this really wide building i think that’s connect to another building. Its on Boerum PL and Atlantic Ave. So as i reach the end of Boerum PL and see Atlantic Ave i make another turn to the left and stay on the same side where the really wide building is at and its the Brooklyn Detention Complex. And right across the street from it there constructing another building. I walk the block till i reach the other end of the building and i now arrive to Smith street and Atlantic avenue. i cross the street where there’s a hotel and FedEx Office and cross the street so i can be on the opposite side of the FedEx office and walk just few steps and wait for the bus at the buss top that’s in front of  house and on the bottom is a science lab where little kids go and on the other side of the steps to the door of the house is a restaurant. Meanwhile i wait for the bus to get to work i just stand there waiting and watch the chaos of the traffic. once my bus arrives i get on and the bus goes all of Atlantic Ave and makes a turn on to 5th ave and i get off on Union street and 5th ave and walk to my job. which is not so far from my the bus stop i just walk a little.

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