Project 2 Research: Location

I think everyone is familiar with this place. The Brooklyn Bridge which starts from Jay St, ends in Chambers St. About 5989 feet long and 85 feet in width. It takes about 45mins walking through the bridge. I only walked through this bridge three times. The first time was in the first month I came to New York City. Everything was strange, for me that was just a bridge. The second time was in my first summer in NYC. That was a volunteer project. The third time was more meaningful for me. That was on the first day of my college life. I walked with my parents.
When I stood on the bridge, my view was much wider. The sky is blue and close to me. The wind blows gently from the Easter River. Everything at that moment was just like in a picture. Under the tower of the Bridge, I was looking towards Manhattan, lots of grand buildings, cars looked like very tiny, people were like ants, but the only feeling I have is peaceful.
The Brooklyn Bridge is an important part of New York City. The Bridge was built in 1867 and opened to the public in 1883. At first it was used to connect two different countries, not the two boroughs like today. Time flies, the Brooklyn Bridge not only becomes one of the famous landmarks of New York City, but also be shot in various TV programs to represent the New York City.

The Brooklyn Bridge


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