Peer reviews of Project #1 drafts

To develop your ideas for Project #1, you’ve had the benefit of sharing your ideas with classmates in class this week, getting their feedback and hearing their ideas, too. Now that you have completed a draft of Project #1, collaborate with your classmates again to offer feedback:

  • DUE end-of-day Tuesday:
  • Read the drafts that your two group-mates posted on their ePortfolios.
  • Reply with a comment to each of them that answers the following three questions about each paragraph:
    • What do you understand?
    • What do you not understand, or need clarified?
    • With our interest in simplicity and economy in mind, what if anything is extraneous?
    • What if anything is missing?
  • Due end-of-day Thursday:
  • Read the comments on your draft and write a post on your ePortfolio reflecting on the process of receiving—and offering—critiques on Project #1. Use the category Project #1 and the tag Peer Feedback.

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