Preparing for Project #1

To prepare for writing Project #1:

  • If you haven’t already, register for an OpenLab account and join our Learning Community site, Ways of Seeing.
  • From the OpenLab home page, click on People to see OpenLab members
  • Browse through, looking at the avatars.
  • Without reading anything about the person, choose an avatar of a member of the OpenLab that you think says something about the person.
  • Still without reading anything about the person, what do you understand about them based on their avatar? If you click on the avatar, you will see a larger version—but be careful not to read the member’s details yet!
  • Make a list of what you observe when you look at the avatar.
  • Make a list of the interpretations you make about the details you observe.
  • Write a paragraph about how you interpret the avatar.
  • Now finally read about the member. Can you confirm or correct any of your interpretations or inferences? Do you think that the avatar does not represent them accurately? Add a few sentences to answer these questions.
  • Include your lists and paragraph, as well as a link to the member’s profile, in a comment in response to this blog post.
  • Submit your comment by Tuesday, 9/9.
  • Offer feedback to at least two classmates about the avatars they have chosen to write about—do you see an alternative reading they haven’t thought of? Are their details they haven’t contemplated enough?

21 thoughts on “Preparing for Project #1

  1. Member:

    My List:






    Before reading their profile ; From the looks of this avatar, This person seems like they take interest in the fine arts. It seems to give an aura of the Pilgrimage era, Or Victorian. Somewhere between the 1400’s and the 1600’s. They may have taken a major around art history? Or maybe they actually teach it? They seem to have a vintage aesthetic. They may also like literature a lot.

    After reading their profile ; They did take Art history, They also took photography, which is why the profile avatar is vintage looking. Their department is humanities, the study of human culture. I was not too far from my guess!

  2. Member:

    My list:

    Before I read their profile, these words came into my mind when visualizing the avatar. This person seems to like Anime, and it could be shows , drawings or comics. It shows a brave male anime, ready to take action . It only shows the back of the avatar, with an interesting tattoo, and fire going across both his arms. They seem to maybe like animation ? And maybe writing ? Overall this was interesting figuring out.

    After reading their profile, I come to realize that they want to major in advertising, and that person is from China ! Which is awesome ! I am. It really sure if they likes anime, that person doesn’t talk about it , but I am guessing that they do by just putting a anime character as their avatar. I hope I get to know more of this person and to see if my guesses were close enough .

  3. Member:

    My list:

    Before reading the profile, these are the list while I’m observing the avatar. This person seems to be had strong skill on drawing. In addition, the avatar is showing a part of the building which it could be related to architecture area. Furthermore, a drawing could be also related to design area. I predict this person is studying city and building development or architecture design. This avatar is one of his drafts or assignments that show the idea how to design a building.

    After reading the profile, he is studying in the area of architecture, design, and building technology which exactly matching with my list. In addition, while I’m looking at his gallery, I can see he got many indoor design picture and some good drawing draft paper which proving he got excellent drawing skill. Furthermore, in his project, I can see he did some laboratory experience of a city, so I think is partly matching the word development. I believe my guess is pretty accurate on his profile.

  4. Member:

    My List:






    Before I read their Profile I sensed a strong projection coming from the avatar telling me that this person has a lot of independence and is very strong willed. from the angle of the persons eye is positioned shows confidence and inspiration

    After I read the profile I learned that she loves art and cannot live without it aswell as inspiring to be a art teacher and is willing to share her passion. I think i really made a good guess on how this person might be and think her avatar seems a good fit

  5. Member:






    This avatar tells a bit of a story about the person, but it keeps it rather secretive as well. We cannot see his or her face, except for the figures glowing eyes and dark presence they give off. Yet, they don’t seem to mean any hostility to anyone, it’s as if its just wants to stay anonymous to most of us, but it still wants to be known. could he or she be shy?, could they be an enemy or friend?. who knows? all we can do is try to get to know him and see what happens.

    After reading the person’s profile, I can say that the person does not have much to say about themselves, rather than they want to do something with their talents, creating a decent career while doing what they love. that’s all there is to know about the person, ither than that, the person still remains quite the secretive type.

  6. Member:

    My list :


    Before reading this person’s profile, just by looking at their avatar i would assume that they are a comic book fan. They could be a comic book artist or be interested in some form of art. Their avatar definitely gives off a dark feeling. It also is very expressive.

    After reading their profile it is obvious that they are a huge music fan. They both enjoy listening to and playing music. They are also interested in making videos. This person definitely could have a career making music videos or maybe some form of music production. I cannot confirm all of interpretations based on but I can confirm that they are an artist(musical). Their avatar doesn’t accurately represent them.

  7. Member:
    Easy going
    Love to share
    Loving fries Chicken
    Before I read his profile, I feel like he’s positive and likes to share. The avatar is like our face in the internet. It may like an ideal personality that we want to be, or what we are. From his eyes, I think he’s really enjoy this moment and he can’t wait to share to others. So he puts into profile, everybody will know what does him like. This shows he is an easy person. His avatar makes me want to eat a piece, too.

    When I click into his page, he doesn’t say many words which illuminates he is shy. He might still doesn’t find a career goal, or he just wants to keep it secret.

  8. Member :

    List :
    Sweaty (not trying to be mean;( )

    Before reading his profile, the image made me laugh which made me feel better. Like his picture would make ur mind wonder what kind of person he is. But I mostly think he’s just being fun and a little difficult if he had to use that image. I know that his person most be interested in animation/art though.

    After I read his profile, I was surprised that the image was suppose to show that he’s a lazy guy. Honestly I did not is that in this picture. Anyway, I would say that he seems very passionate in his art work and still funny. I sort thought he was a easy going person before I read his profile but I changed my mind as I really studied it.

  9. Member :

    List –
    Anime lover

    Before reading her profile, I instantly got the positive feelings about her. She’s probably into animation, so, an anime lover…I think that character looks like he’s from One Piece. If I’m wrong, I apologize but I think it is. Anyway, I see that she’s strong without backing down or giving up that easily and her confidence in herself to keep going.

    After I read her profile, she doesn’t really give me the details I need to know , I can say that she seems like a sweet and still a strong willed person. Good luck on your English! 🙂

    1. Member:


      Before reading Tevin’s profile his avatar gave me the impression that he is someone who doesn’t back down from a challenge, his avatar also gives me the impression that he is a very confidant person and is passionate about what he does.

      After reading Tevin’s profile I saw that I was off by some and that he’s actually really interested in the animation and video game design fields. He also talks about what got him into animation and graphic design in the first place which is cartoons. Another thing the Tevin seems to be passionate about is video games and their development I like how he plays large array of genres.

  10. Member:

    Likes photography

    Before reading his profile, when I saw his avatar I knew he must like photography.
    Photographers generaly like to explore, see things, capture moments. These are all things a camera represents.

    After reading the persons bio, i’ve learned that hes in graphic design. hes is a photography hobyist, and yes his avatar does represent what he likes and his values.

  11. Member:

    My List:

    Before I read this profile, the picture made me believe this person loves marvel. Spiderman is a marvel character. Since this person likes marvel, they should have some interest in comics. He should also have an interest in games since spiderman has appeared in numerous games. This person must have an interest in some sort art.

    After reading this person’s bio, it turns out I was right. This person loves comics and video games. There favorite superhero is spiderman. They also enjoy watching anime. They dream of making the next big video game. This person also wants to be extremely wealthy.

  12. Link:

    Likes food

    Before reading this profile the avatar give me many different impressions. The image made me laugh which makes me think that this person is a funny person. The image doesn’t reveal really anything about the person. Also because i noticed that in the picture he is eating , maybe he likes food or to eat.

    After reading i was still unsure about who this person really is. From the avatar he seems like a very fun person.

  13. Member:


    Before reading the persons profile the avatar made me think that they’re probably someone who is up for a challenge because of it being an eagle. They’re probably a brave person. It also made me think that they’re very confident.

    After reading their bio, I think I was somewhat right. The person seems to be very confident and hopeful about his future goals.

  14. Member:
    List of things i thought about:
    1: Mysterious
    2: Artistic
    3: Shady (it’s the picture!!! the character looks really suspect lol!)
    4: Proud
    5. Tech Savvy

    Before reading this members profile, I thought that they were a dark, artsy person who was in tune with their inner self. Based on the avatar itself, I immediately thought of someone lurking off in the shadows, or in the back of the room minding their own business. It really looks like a robot or some android in the veil of night, so that’s why I chose mysterious.

    After reading what I could get off the member’s profile, I found i was right about the art part. As well as the tech part, for it says she wants to go into computer science and design.

  15. Member:

    1. Pokemon lover
    2. Shy
    3. Independent
    4. Outgoing
    5. Always Cheerful
    6. Artist

    Before reading this member’s profile, I thought all of this six things by just looking at her avatar.The avatar she choose is Pokemon Ampharos, which stands for a guide and helps people we are lost. She seem like the type of person who would help if asked for. I really believe this person wanted to be an artist and also I strongly believe she’s a Pokemon lover. This person seems to want to major in around graphic design or some kind of design. The avatar is her way of showing who she really is and does.

    After reading the profile, I discover that she is studying in the area for Advertising Design and Graphic Arts. She enjoy videos, video games and watching vloggers and wants to go to the area for arts and video production. In addition, I believe that everything I wrote down is correct about her. The avatar does represent her it just matter to get to know her better, I believe she has those qualities within herself.

  16. Member:
    Vibrant vibes

    Before I read this person’s profile, I could tell they were into anime based off their avatar photo. Their Avatar gave off the image of a calm person who wishes to live a peaceful life. Yet the colors and the flowing yellow strap in the background give off this vibrant vibe full of energy and life. The person seems to be into artistic things due to how their Avatar image looks.

    After reading this person’s bio, turns out I was right about them being into anime which I found to be quite interesting. The fact that this person wants to design their own video game one day sounds artistic. Based on what I read, this person sound like someone I can get to know easily.

  17. Member:


    Before reading this member’s bio, I could tell they listen to more than one type of music. They looked like they enjoy having passionate discussions with other people and looking at really deep and meaningful photos. This person looks like they have an eye for a good image and take time in considering how a finished image comes out.

    After reading their profile, turns out they really are into visual design and being creative. Their avatar pretty much matches up with their bio. And they also play soccer, just like me!

  18. Member:
    Before reading this member’s profile, through the observation of the avatar I think she is a quiet girl because her expression is only a little smile. Then she is wearing a red hat looks so cute and I am very like her red hat. I think her eyes made me feel very kind, I think she is very friendly.
    After reading her profile. I discover that she is very interested in art. Then she is the lively. And I think she very like to design.

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