Although we introduced ourselves in class briefly, and we’ll introduce ourselves more formally in Project #1 for ENG 1101, please write an introduction here as a way to help us get to know each other better. Aim to write 250 words. This is your chance to say all the things you forgot to say in class, or to say all the things you crafted and said brilliantly.

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18 thoughts on “Introductions

  1. Hello! My name is Deandra, 17, And like most of you all here, a freshmen at Citytech.

    I plan to study design, and possibly art history, to graduate and start my career as an Artist, and Art teacher. I know the way to that success is hard, like every other major, but with hard work and dedication, It can also be very fun! I started drawing when I was 8, and started getting serious around 13, My dad bought me my first drawing tablet. Along with college and social life, I also take art commissions, drawing logos and full body commissions. I also, hopefully, will take computer science as a minor, so I can properly code and start creating websites, as a type of commission.

    I’ve have had experience with design before, taking a film making class and working after school hours during my senior year to design logos and merchandise for our school. In doing so I have received an award , and I’ve won the ‘most artistic’ title in my high school year book.

    I really look forward to this semester, and hopefully we can all become friends!

  2. Hello everyone ! As all of you may know,or some, my name is Natali Agudelo, I am 18 years old, and a freshmen in Citytech.

    I enrolled in this school because once I saw that this school had what I wanted,Graphic Design, I knew where I was going. I got accepted to my dream school, Parsons The New School For Design, but financially things got complicated. But, I was lucky to get accepted since sophomore year in High School this summer program they had that I enjoyed so much. I learned different foundations of art and design. So, here I am, hopefully I will go big on what I want to be, because I enjoy doing what I love to do.

    I am experienced in designing, I took graphic arts for two years in high school, and got certified from Adobe. It was a good experience and I am happy to go further more to this course. I hope everyone succeed on their dreams and also I hope that we can be this awesome community, and to work together and become great friends! I am really looking forward to this semester !

  3. Hey everybody. My name is Garfield Crumbie . I am 18 years old and a freshman at City Tech.

    As I have said before, 5 years from now I still plan on being in the field of graphic design. I want to get a good feel of things to see if this is really what I want to do as a career. Ever since I was young I would draw and doodle on anything I could find. When my parents bought me my first sketch book that’s when I really took interest. Though it has been a while since I have really done serious drawing, I believe I can still be successful in this field.

    I know the road to this won’t be easy so I’ve been trying to prepare myself mentally for what is to come. I look forward to what I will take out of this semester and what I can learn from my peers.

  4. Hey everyone, my name is Kevin Gonzalez. I’m not really sure what to say but I’ll do my best.
    I’m a freshman here at City Tech studying art, I’ve been into art my whole life. I’m not really social, but I’ll try my best to be. Adding on to what Garfield wrote, I can 100% agree and relate. From drawing on beer coasters at the tattoo shop I grew up at, to quickly scribbling down a dream I had the night before, I’ve found a sort of peace in it. Drawing is my outlet to represent and release any emotions or thoughts I have. It’s a sort of solace. I can’t remember my first sketchbook, because I seem to go through these things like water. Regardless, I’m looking forward to this semester and everything it has to offer me.

  5. Hello everyone, My name is Kevin Ayala, 17, and a freshman to college, although i have had a college experience as a senior in high school. I have come to City Tech seeing that they have a lot to offer for my major in design and advertisement. Ive been inspired to draw ever since i was a freshman in middle school. i drew inspiration from most games i played as a child, always thinking to myself, “What if i could grow up to make something like this?” ever since, i always looked into people who inspired me, People such as Keji Inafune and Shigeru Miyamoto. I know this college can help me become as great as them, but i have to prove myself as well. I know with the support of my professors and classmates, my journey will become a little more easier and resourceful.

  6. Hey, what’s up? If you forgot…well, you probably did, my name is Sheryl Varricchio, 19 and a freshmen.
    My major is in Graphic design ADV. Why you ask? Because I love art! It makes me feel free. I draw whatever and won’t care what others think. Well, I mostly draw anime characters than realistic stuff but I still try.
    Sadly, sometimes I lack with confidence in myself to do my best as I draw but I’ll just keep trying! What my dad always says, “Varricchio’s never quit even if you think you failed to succeed”. I’ve been keeping that locked in my mind to keep me on my path to become an art teacher.
    So, I know college is going to be challenging but if I just remember those words my dad told me and with the help of the professors & fellow classes, I know I’ll finish with a giant smile on my face.
    Therefore I hope this semester will be exciting to learn so many new things with all of you.

  7. Hi everyone! I’m Mickala Mcfarlane (that one in class with the blue hair…) and I’m 18 and a freshman here at CityTech.
    I’m majoring in art and graphic design and dream to be a cartoonist one day and work on storyboards with other really funny artists who enjoy art just as much as I do. From cowgirls and spacemen to mythical creatures and scenery, ever since I was 8 I had a passion for getting better at my artwork and seeing what I can create from it. I’m kind of socially awkward but I think all of you are really rad so I can’t wait to start working with you all for the semester!

  8. Hello everyone! Well, to begin with my name is Jessica Pareja, I am 17 years old, and a freshman here in City Tech.

    As I stated in class I’m still not sure what major I want to study on however, my major currently is Communication Design. I enjoy many things, things that involve somewhere in the film and designing. I’ve have had experience in learning to do various things due to my high school which there main target is film. I really enjoy it, but I enjoy from editing videos to trying to design, out of everything I know what to do, one thing for sure I enjoy and love photography. If you see me on my free time I’m usually with a camera. My dream was to someday become a professional photographer that is why I got accept to my dream college that offered a major in photography. However, like many people I was undecided where to go to college and what major.

    Even though, I don’t know what I really want, I believe that whatever I decide to do I’ll always try to do my best. Luckily, I decided to give Communication Design and City Tech a chance or else I wouldn’t be here writing this. So far I’m enjoying my time here and like in other colleges, City Tech won’t be easy. I believe this college will help me gain confidence in myself to decide what major.

    In the meantime, I’m really looking forward for this semester and what it stores for us.

  9. Hi everyone, I’m name is Hailin Du and I am 18 years old and a freshman in City Tech. Although my name is Hailin, I prefer people calling me HaiLin which my actual name to pronounce it. As you see from my name, I’m a Chinese student which English is not my second language, so I’m still trying to improve English skill.

    In addition, I don’t have my dream! In these half year, I keep trying to think how dream or what meaning I’m trying to look for. However, I still not getting the answer. As a result, I believe facing some art works is better than facing some math problems, so I choose advertising and graphic design as my major. I’m trying to see I’m fit in the design area or not. At this point, I don’t have a dream, but if I keep trying in my life, dream will come to find me.

    I hope I can get the answer in this semester.

  10. Hello! My name is Priya Maharban. I’m 17 years old and a freshman at City Tech.

    My major is Art & Advertising Design. Even though that’s my major I’m still not sure of what I really want as my career. It would most definitely be something in the field of art or video making though. Yes, I do have a huge interest in video making. I like to self produce videos. I’ll film and edit them myself, it’s been a hobby of mine since I was 11! I do also have a great interest for art, obviously.
    In my senior year at high school we had a team of student technicians to help out with computer problems (which I was a part of the team) and I designed the ID’s and the team logo. With help/feedback from students and teachers of course. I also designed my schools honor roll certificates every quarter since my junior year. I also do have an interest in photography, I’m hoping to take a photography and film class as an elective sometime in the future!

    I might change my major somewhere along the road, but being at CityTech I have hope that I’ll find something that suits me! I’m looking forward to what this semester has in store!

  11. Hi everyone!!! My name is Moeen Razak and I’m pretty sure you all know I’m a freshman at City Tech.
    My major is communication design. My dream is to make a video game everyone will love. My head is full of ideas that I wish would come to life. I love video games and watching tv. I’m a major anime fan and I mostly only read manga. I have a huge collection of manga and comic books in my room that I read occasionally. I also like to watch random documentaries on science and read about mythology online. I’m pretty sure this fuels my passion for video games.
    I know college will be difficult especially the field I chose to do. Everyone is telling me college is super hard and that no one is there to help you. They keep talking about the scary parts. My first week of college is over and it didn’t seem that bad. I’m sure I will manage.

  12. Hello, my name is Cheng Long Lin and I am 18 and a freshman at City Tech.
    My major is Art and Advertising Design. I’m not sure about my career just yet, so i’m just trying to figure out what I want to do.
    I like playing games (mostly on pc), I did Fencing in H.S. but also other sports, I like animation manga the works, I generally like all types of music and currently listening to EDM frequently.
    You can talk to me or get to know me, I don’t bite

  13. Hi everyone my name is Alexander Guerrero I am of 17 years of age and a freshman at City College.
    I am currently attempting a major in graphic design. While I am not the best of artists out there I hope to improve and one day be able to draw what is on my mind. I am really interested in video games and play games ranging from strategy rpg’s like Fire Emblem to platformers like Megaman( If you’re also interested in games we should meet up some time!). I am also coming up with a few concepts of my own by taking little things I enjoy and making them into something new. I hope to grow as a person in City Tech and overcome many challenges. Anyways that’s me I hope to meet you all better during my stay in City Tech!

  14. Hi everyone. My name is Naoto Yoshida, I’m currently 17, and I recently entered City Tech as a Freshman.

    As of now, I currently don’t have a goal in mind for what I want to be in life, because I’m still trying to find the answer to that. I had originally wanted to be apart of Game Design and Animation. But I tend to over think a lot of things and I questioned myself as to whether or not that was really what I wanted to be in life. Hopefully, taking this course will help me find the answer. For my interests, I mainly enjoy being with friends, listening to music, watching anime, do some gaming, typing up stories, making vlogs, and well, drawing. I’ll admit that I’m currently not used to the college lifestyle yet so I feel slightly out of place, but I’ll eventually adapt to it. I hope to learn a lot of things out of this course so let’s make the best out of this year, everyone.

  15. Hello everyone! My name is Dongmin Lin. I am 18 years old. I like I am a freshman here at City Tech. I come from China, and Chinese is my first language so I do not have standard pronunciation in English. I hope improve with the help of the teacher and classmate. This September is the turning point of my life because I went to the college, it is a new environment, I feel unfamiliar to here now even so I like here very much and I’ve never been to choose the school so far away from home. I live in flushing, and I seldom take the subway, often lead to lost before haha. I like children very much so my career goals is to become a kindergarten teacher, might be an art teacher. I like manual, such as knit scarf, cross-stitch.
    When I come to a new place I would be very shy but I am very sincere hope that everyone in the class become good friend.

  16. Hopefully you’ve gotten to know me a little bit just from our first class and from the syllabus and other materials on this site–our writing style says a lot about us–but allow me to introduce myself more fully. I’m a native New Yorker, and have lived in three of the five boroughs. I’m an assistant professor in the English Department at City Tech, with a Ph.D. in English and a certificate in Women’s Studies from the CUNY Graduate Center. My undergraduate degree from Brown University is in both English and Biology. As a college student, this combination often confused people, and they would ask “What are you going to do, write science textbooks?” No, that was never an interest of mine. I do use a lot of science terminology and metaphors in my writing, both in my creative writing and in my scholarly work.

    Here at City Tech, I’m involved in a number of interesting projects. I won’t list them all, but I’m active on the Undergraduate Research Committee, so let’s talk if you’re interested in conducting research. I’m currently the OpenLab co-director, and am conducting research on interactive technology use in education. My scholarly work also focuses on narrative theory, gender and sexuality studies, and literature of the 20th century.

    Outside of work–if we can ever really separate the things we do into work and non-work categories, I’m an avid knitter and crocheter. I’ve been known to quilt. I love to cook. I want to learn how to use a letterpress. As you can see, I like to make things! It’s so satisfying to see a project through from start to finish, and to have a tangible object to show for it.

    I love to look at old maps and photographs of New York, and often incorporate them into my ENG 1101 courses. Although I’m an amateur and don’t have fancy equipment, I love to take photographs when I travel, whether it’s to Iceland (a great trip I took this summer), to Chicago (where I’ll be visiting this spring), or even just for a ride on the Staten Island Ferry (which I’ve done countless times).

    Now that you’ve gotten to know me a bit better, I look forward to getting to know all of you!

  17. Hello guys My name Is Michael Feliciano, I am 17 years old. I am very sociable , passionate and easy going. I have a great sense of adventure and highly optimistic. I am proud to be obsessed with nature and how it affects us and its beauty. I am taking Art class in order to obtain the images that I see through my eyes so I can record and make it my own as I live through life and share my experiences with others to inspire them to chase their dreams. My dream is to be a comic book creator along with many goals I have already set out for myself. I dont not like to be limited. I listen to strictly electronic music and I am Musician from a music highschool. Whenever you have the time, come say hi I’m pretty sure you people are cool in one way or another

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